Sukhwinder Singh, CEO Vismaad who is also the Writer and Director of the movie said: “the mission at Vismaad is to present our rich history through Animation and other new age digital mediums which excite all age groups. Ever since we released out first animation film in 2005 people have reached out to us to express their happiness  on how Vismaad movies have made profound impact not only on their children but they too have learnt so many hitherto unknown facts of Sikh History.”

Story: Bhai Taru Singh Ji lived during the most trying period for Sikhs. Under the cruel Mughal regime which was bent upon annihilating Sikh nation, Sikhs had price on their heads and were hunted like game animals by all alike. Still Bhai Taru Singh Ji did not only survive for 24 years but even earned respect and love of Hindus and Muslims of all the neighboring villages. His village was less than 40 miles away from Lahore still Bhai Sahib was spared by even the most hardened informers of his area.

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Bhai Sahib was martyred because being a true Khalsa Bhai Sahib protected a poor muslim girl from the clutches of the evil mughal official of his area.

Animation Production: Major part of the movie is realistic render 3D CGI (computer graphics imagery). Special attention has gone into creating character model of Bhai Taru Singh ji in the movie with near to life like features including realistic animated hair. As a result the character of Bhai Taru Singh ji livens up on the screen like a real person. To top realistic render minutest details are attempted in exhibiting the emotions and mannerisms of leading characters.

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First time in Punjabi Cinema: Leading Sufi singer and heartthrob of millions of Punjabis Kanwar Grewal has a special appearance in the movie. Kanwar Grewal essays the role of a Jogi who sings emotions of the bleeding hearts of Poohla residents after Bhai Taru Singh ji is arrested and taken away to Lahore. Shot on chroma the song sequence is then rendered with special effects to blend Kanwar Grewal walking the virtually village lanes, fields and ponds with 3D rendered animated characters of villagers in the backdrop.

Production & Music:
Major part of the movie is created at Vismaad Animation Studio in Mohali. Some 3D sequences requiring special skills and high end hardware/ software are developed at Chennai under direct supervision of Vismaad creative team.

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Background Score & Music is by Mr. Atul Sharma and Tiger Style (UK)

Movies by Vismaad:eading Animation Studio which is highly respected among Sikhs, both in India and Diaspora, for amazing work done for immaculate propagation of Sikh History. Vismaad produced five animated movie in less than a decade 100% in-house right from scripting to screening. The movies are highly respected for authentic presentation of historical facts which are well researched.

  1. Sahibzadey (2005)
  2. Banda Singh Bahadur (2006)
  3. Sundri, The Brave Kaur (2008)
  4. Bhai Taru Singh (2010)
  5. Bhai Subeg Singh Shahbaz Singh (2012)




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