Watch Rajneesh & Indu turn detectives on their Wedding night in WATCHO’s new original – “Bauchaar-e-Ishq”


Watch Rajneesh & Indu turn detectives on their Wedding night in WATCHO’s new original – “Bauchaar-e-Ishq”

Watch Rajneesh & Indu turn detectives on their Wedding night in WATCHO’s new original – “Bauchaar-e-Ishq”

Watch Rajneesh & Indu turn detectives on their Wedding night in WATCHO’s new original – “Bauchaar-e-Ishq”: what happens when an unwilling partner (one of the partners in the live-in relationship) is compelled to marry her boyfriend because the families were adamant? She would be judged for her choices and even mocked for her naivety. But quite certainly, under no circumstance can it be imagined that someone will prank her and her partner by placing a used condom on their bed and ruin the wedding night altogether. However, WATCHO is no stranger to strange plots with tickling comic timings. Dish TV’s in-house OTT platform has this time released a playful whodunnit “Bauchaar-e-Ishq”, set in a span of one night filled with twists & turns, weird revelations, and hilarious misunderstandings.


Rajneesh and Indu are a young couple in UP, hailing from neighbouring cities of Kanpur and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Their romance started back in their college days and withstood all hurdles to make it to their present-day lives. When their orthodox families learned of their live-in relationship, drama ensues and they are compelled to marry. Indu was against the wedding since she did not want to have kids and was condemned by the families for her choice. She was even condemned especially for expressing her thoughts on sex being an appropriate deed before marriage. On her wedding night, she gets enraged on discovering a used condom put over their bed and presumes that it was done on purpose by their families. At her will, the couple spends the entire night probing several suspects, only to unravel people’s myopic outlook on sex and the taboo associated with it, followed by a significant plot twist with meaningful messaging.


Through the protagonists, the writer has asked sincere and serious questions about love, marriage, sex, and family. Through the narrative, the series provides answers to a few of the difficult emotional tangles that common people face in their daily lives. It is a roller coaster ride of laughter, emotion, and drama, and by the end of it, the viewers get to learn about their very nature and immature momentary takes on sensitive issues. The show carries some interesting dialogue exchanges amongst family members adding spice to the entire plot which is a slice of life adding humor to the situation making it a fun-filled ride to watch.


Written by Ishan Bajpai, Anshuman Sinha, and Trupti Kangane, under the impactful production of Percent Purple, the show also traverses upon the intimate feelings of a couple and how personal subjects like intimacy and sex are subjected to societal judgments even today. The star cast includes Ankit Sharma and Arsha Goswami who have played the protagonists – Rajneesh Sinha and Indu Bharadwaj.

Watch Rajneesh & Indu turn detectives on their Wedding night in WATCHO’s new original – “Bauchaar-e-Ishq”

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, Corporate Head – Marketing, DishTV & WATCHO, Dish TV India Ltd. said, “Through Bauchaar-e-Ishq, we have produced yet another entertaining series for our viewers. Shot in Bhopal, the rush and the natural ambiance of the city feels strangely synonymous with the busy lanes of Lucknow and Kanpur. Being our debut in the whodunnit genre, our team got to encounter some of the catchiest cinematic moments during the shoot. The entire cast does justice to their respective characters through a blunt and plain-spoken portrayal of a north Indian inhabitant that speaks in a sarcastic tone with weird innuendos. We intend to focus on purposeful humor and modern but rooted family themes for our target viewers who watch our content as an escape from their occasional blues.”

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