What really causes hairfall and its solutions 


What really causes hairfall and its solutions


  -Authored by Dr. Saurabh Sharma, Founder- Specialist Clinic, Jalandhar

Hairfall problem can be particularly distressing for both men and women who are facing it and can have a profound effect on the person’s self-esteem. But some people may experience excessive hair fall when compared to others. The problem is also reflective of one’s internal health which we may be completely unaware of also. There are a few of the reasons because of which also a person my might suffer from chronic hair loss problem, some of which are outlined here-

  1. Iron deficiency leading to anaemia can lead to the problem, where less oxygen is carried to the scalp starving the follicles and gradually causing the hair loss.
  2. There can also be family history behind scanty hair and hairfall
  3. Eating disorders due to which adequate nutrition does not reach the hair causing them to become weak, dull and break easily
  4. Hormonal changes and medical conditions which causes hormonal imbalance which lead to a variety of conditions causing temporary of permanent hair loss problems.
  5. Stress situations due to which a lot of people suffer heavy hairfall and thinning of hair.
  6. Certain hairstyles and hair treatments which expose hair to chemical treatments can also damage the roots heavily causing hairfall.

Keeping a good diet and using traditional home remedies can help in arresting some hairfall but not largely arrest the problem of receding hairline which after an age becomes more pronounced for some.

As there is no concrete proven non-medical solution for hair regrowth, the only solution most of us would be left with is exploring options that our doctors’ would recommend and the kind of treatment we should opt for. These treatments are of two forms- non surgical which is through prescribed medication, applications of creams and gels and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment which encourages hair growth and promotes soft tissue healing. In this treatment platelet rich blood is drawn from the body and reinjected into the affected area which helps speed up the process.  While on the other hand for acute baldness or conditions of alopecia the option is hair transplant- where the hair follicle is transferred from one body part and planted on the bald area.

What really causes hairfall and its solutions

The treatment is also known as Follicle Unit Extraction Technique. This treatment is permanent in nature and a cure for baldness. This treatment has been long been used with phenomenal results for people who suffered from some form of baldness.

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