Why You Should Practice Yoga in Holiday Season?


Why You Should Practice Yoga in Holiday Season?

No matter whatever your age is, Yoga will always benefit you physically and mentally. If you are suffering from any illness or any chronic disease, Yoga could potentially escalate your recovery. Yoga can help you to deal with your medical conditions. So, if you are suffering from any sort of issues, you can simply go for a Yoga Retreat.

It’s the Yoga in holiday season, which means there may be a frenzy of activity, including decorating, shopping, social events, family gatherings, etc. Days are getting shorter, and lists are frequently getting longer. Meeting the obligations of the season without forgoing our “me time” can be difficult. Maintaining our Yoga practice through challenging times is our key to staying sane when we most need it.

Here are some ways that we may try our Yoga in holiday season which could be beneficial for us!

Start your day with awareness.

When we start each day with a purpose, we remain inspired and motivated throughout the entire day. This causes a significant transition from being controlled by demands like a puppet to being the one who controls their own future. Make time to sit down and breathe after doing any morning necessities. Use this time to think clearly and start making mental preparations for facing the day, whether the method is formal, like a seated meditation practice yoga, or informal with a cup of coffee or tea.

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Plan your practice time

The thing we require the most, time to relax as well as unwind, is frequently the first item crossed off our to-do list when life becomes busy. We know we need to reclaim our time when we find ourselves stating, “I don’t have time.” This holiday season, let time be the present you give to yourself. Make a note of your yoga class schedule in your planner and commit to going. Making class the first action of an outing could be beneficial; this will give you the incentive to go and the confidence to handle the commotion once you arrive at your destination. Although doing this may seem strange at first, there are instances when it is necessary to set aside time in order to recharge. Put daily yoga classes on your calendar.

Make modifications to maintain equilibrium.

The commotion of this time of year may make you less motivated to work out hard. Attending a class that is less physically demanding might be beneficial in that situation. On the other hand, strenuous practice might be necessary to boost our vitality and circulation in order to keep us in good health. Plan to take one class that is vigorous and one that is restorative or yin every week in an attempt to keep balance.

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Ponder and breathe

We overlook the physical body during the holidays as we spend a lot of time in our thoughts thinking about to-do lists, present suggestions, and travel arrangements. This month, try this breath-centered meditation to bring your awareness into your physical body: Practice deep diaphragmatic breathing by placing your hands on your tummy. Keep track of how your tummy subtly changes size when you breathe in and out. Feel the breath entering your hips and pelvis and traveling up and down your spine. Practice coordinating a calm, full exhalation with a leisurely, deep inhalation. When the thoughts are tempted to review that all-important to-do list one last time, use the breath as your anchor and maintain awareness of the feelings in your body.

Reconnect with your goals

We may nurture our intentions during our Yoga practices, which is a fantastic environment. Through repetition, we develop insight and clarity. We could keep in mind to be nice to ourselves and others, to let go of our need for perfection, and to be accepting of our differences. We can all relate to the universal ideals of peace, love, and showing kindness to everyone, regardless of our origins or views about why we celebrate at this time of year. We can honour these values by maintaining our dedication to our practice because we know that by being on our mats, we give ourselves the energy we need to completely embody these traits when we leave the house.

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This time of year, our Yoga practices can aid in enlightenment. We can slow down and genuinely appreciate each moment, at any time, by sticking with our practice. While waiting in line to shop or run errands, just a simple, deep breath might change our mindset. A mindful morning routine may serve as a reminder to eat sensibly when out with friends. Make the routines you use to maintain your equilibrium. 

So, these are certain important points that prove why one should always practice Yoga, even during the holiday season. 



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