Talk on ‘Prevention of heart disease’ held at Bilaspur


Talk on ‘Prevention of heart disease’ held at Bilaspur

As many as 70 advocates attended a health talk on ‘Heart attack & prevention of heart disease’ at The Bar Association, Bilaspur (Yamunanagar) on Thursday.

Among others, Advocate Atul Bansal and Advocate Rameshwar , The Bar Association’s president and general secretary respectively were also presented.

Addressing talk , Dr Arvind Kaul, head -interventional cardiology at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula said that healthy heart is vital to our overall health because heart is the center of our cardiovascular system. It is involved in many of the daily functions that bring our body to life.

He also talked about the changing lifestyle and its contribution in increasing prevalence of heart disease in community. The lifestyles is becoming more and more sedentary thus taking its toll on heart.

It has also led to an epidemic of obesity particularly in children and young adults in urban areas. This along with stress of modern life has contributed to a large extent to severe and premature heart disease in Indians who are otherwise genetically at highest risk, he asserted.

Talk on ‘Prevention of heart disease’ held at Bilaspur

Regular exercise, weight control along with a healthy diet and regular relaxation will overall promote healthy lifestyle in general population and go a long way in reducing heart disease in people, maintained Dr Kaul.


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