Bachpan School celebrates Diwali

  • Bachpan School celebrates Diwali


Bachpan School, celebrated the festival of lights Diwali in the School’s premises. The school children & their mothers were invited for the event. The mothers took part in various activities like card making, toran decoration, artificial jewellery making etc & they were helped by their little ones in these.

Bachpan School celebrates Diwali

After which the mothers & kids displayed their creations. “We wanted to give a message that Diwali can be great fun  even without crackers – which cause lot of air & sound pollution. It was a cracker free Diwali celebration. Through the fun activities we wanted to give a chance to both mothers & their kids to bond & enjoy the festival’s spirit.” Said Ms. Mukta Sharma, Director, Bachpan School.

Later on the school was decorated with the beautiful & artistic things that the Mothers made.


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