Kids Club by direction and innovation events presented the grand finale -2017 Junior supermodel



 Kids Club by direction and competition of children from Tagore School in collaboration with the Kasauli by innovation Ivants was held in Junior supermodel grand finale Press Club in Chandigarh today. It was the fourth part of the Junior Super model which was went under two categories of children. Children in the 3-17 and 8-14 second took participants attended. Sky Deep Vtta, director, poet Group of Schools attended as chief guest at the function.

New York producer and director, Raj Rahi, Tagore Theater director Balkar Singh, cinematographer and director Karan Brar played by Jhj. Raj Rahi, that innovative film, the name known in the world of television and Ivants, which rings Antrtanment industry Danka in Bollywood but all over the world. Film director Raj of Jackie Chan is also aligned with many large companies such as Production House, Star International Network, Time Warmer Picture House and HBO. Raj Rahni worldwide Society is working to bring out the talent in collaboration with Farr Development of film and art. Raj is also a formal member of the International documentary Association and International Regional partner of South Asia’s Grammy Awards. Secrets are advanced experience in Rahni TV show and world television produced.

Balkar Singh Tagore current director of theater Chandigarh. They also have very good experience of 40 years in the film and television industry. His major films “My Dead Maruti”, “Tanu Weds Manu” and Taltu Desi Magic and I do not care to project their attendants. They as a director in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia Sijak Republic have led India. He retired as director of the Department of Language Punjab University.

Karan are experienced theater Brar ten years. Actor and has played video Director Director and Punjabi music. They are going to provide their services in a large project to Bollywood and Palivud from March 2017 K He has more music video than a thousand. He has many well-known singers who have worked with Honey Singh at Raj Brar Rimj J., charioteer, Nchcttr Gill, Nisavn Bhullar, Mahstr Salim Suede Coty, Raj Jujak etc.

Efficient is a successful singer, writer and composer, who as a special guest in attendance. He announced Jr. supermodel.

35 young children who demonstrated their talents. He also learned about his ramp walk during the Indian round of Indian culture. During the innovative round of Children “Save the Earth”, firecracker ban, the city clean and tidy, this Diwali name of helping the poor, Beti Bachao, Clean India message campaign etc. dispersed. Children has Mnmohit the audience on recent display amazing play cards etc. on the tree, environmental changes in fancy dress. Best in this round of judges selected the dress. Prshn children in North round of which was checked morale. By adding the points of the three rounds the winner was selected. During the competition the talent within the child is exposed by using the dress design, accessories, etc. with the help of their parents. On this occasion, the children of Tagore woodland school forced to rock the audience Nrty.

Kids Club, according to Luthra Managing Director direction by the direction we are then, because you refine the art of children and work them into print, TVC, film, video, music, etc.

Managing partner is Cpi talent in each child, according to Nitin Luthra, requiring only polished them for polishing. When Junior Kids supermodel accordance with the direction to eliminate the fear of the stage from the minds of children so that they can showcase their skills.



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