Big Data & Artificial Intelligence play key role in Smart Farming


Big Data & Artificial Intelligence play key role in Smart Farming : On the 13th edition of CII Agro Tech India 2018, Agri Startup Companies working expeditiously for betterment for Farmers held a session on Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) farming and educating the farmers how farming has been transformed from traditional farming to smart farming.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence play key role in Smart FarmingFounder of Agrometric, Mr Madhu Jamallamudi, stressed on the agriculture problems that Indian Agriculture system is facing and elaborated the role of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Indian farming. He stated that Indian Agriculture sector problem is more fundamental, and technologies, satellite mapping is helpful but problem is at the field level, whether its fragmentation, labor shortage, unpredictable monsoon, awareness. So the most structural problem needs to be addressed.

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He added that we need to bridge the gap between the technology and the farmers. With the available technology, we can work on all aspects of agriculture via satellite mapping, soil testing, forecast rain so that farmers could plan in advance what to do.

With the help of technologies, while using phone imaging farmers can detect the problem of pest manifestation and can avoid the loss of crop.

While addressing the gathering, Mr Debasis Dan, Principal Data and Applied Sciences, Microsoft, told the key important role of the Big data which enables the farmers to tackle all the agro- problems via analyzing the satellite data and sends farmers information in advance so that they can plan in advance the right time for sowing.

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