CAG creates awareness about Mutual funds & Stock markets to the investors


CAG creates awareness about Mutual funds and Stock markets to the investors

 Citizen Awareness Group (CAG) organized an Awareness program for the Investors about mutual funds and stock market, in collaboration with Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI), Association of Mutual Funds of India(AMFI)and Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE).

Surinder Verma, Chairman of Citizen Awareness Group, gave the inaugural speech by giving detailed information on how to create wealth through stock markets by using the latest technology. He explained how mobile apps have played a crucial role in enhancement of trading and ease of opening demat accounts. He also very nicely explained how to overcome the challenges faced by many investors in adopting new technologies. Like the risks attached with it, e.g. data theft, irregularities etc which my lead to losses. He also explained there is lack of proper knowledge and awareness amongst the investors and fear of losing money. These awareness programs are organized to make investors more vigilant and aware.

Surya Kant Sharma, Senior Consultant AMFI shared a detailed presentation on Mutual Fund investment and highlighted district features for retail investors. He indicated that MF investments are strongly regulated by SEBI. He emphasized the importance of investment for long term in mutual funds which would automatically take care of managing risks and higher return. He further shared that mutual fund investment also takes care of diversification in assets. He encouraged participants particularly young ones to start SIP in the initial years of their carrier and costume it for longer period to get good returns on investments. He also gave details of STP and SWP features in MF investments.

Himani Lath, SEBI smart trainer gave the presentation on features and types of Mutual Funds. She explained in detail which scheme is suitable to investors according to their risk capacity, age etc. She explained about the ways of starting mutual funds and stressed upon starting SIP. She also explained the SCORES platform of SEBI for lodging any grievance against the entities in capital markets.

Ravi Mishra, Sr. Officer, BSE also graced the occasion by his words to create awareness amongst the investors.

N.K Gupta, Member of Managing Committee of Delhi Management Association proposed the vote of thanks.

Lastly on open session was held where queries of Investors was answered by the panelists.


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