Chandigarh Tourism and RoundGlass Sustain partner to promote sustainable travel


 Chandigarh Tourism and RoundGlass Sustain partner to promote sustainable travel

Chandigarh Tourism and RoundGlass Sustain partner to promote sustainable travel

To mark World Tourism Day 2023, Chandigarh Tourism and Roundglass Sustain organized a special film screening on September 27, Wednesday, to create awareness about sustainable travel. To encourage Tricity’s residents to discover the wonders of India while making thoughtful choices about their impact, a specially curated list of films will be shown in a series at Navrang Theatre at Bal Bhawan, Sector 23.

The screening on Wednesday, the first in a series that Chandigarh Tourism and Roundglass Sustain organized, was focused on the state of Rajasthan. A popular destination with tourists, Rajasthan is known for its forts and the desert. But few visitors know that a wide variety of wildlife thrives in its varied habitats. The films introduced the audience to animals such as the desert cat, the spiny-tailed lizard, and many more and shared information on traveling to see them.

All the films part of this series have been created by RoundGlass Sustain, a not-for-profit organization telling stories of India’s natural world to document science and support conservation. These films will introduce viewers to unique Indian species and the wild spaces they live in.

 Chandigarh Tourism and RoundGlass Sustain partner to promote sustainable travel

Through the series of screenings that will take place once every two months, Chandigarh Tourism and Roundglass Sustain will take Tricity’s residents on a journey across India. The films will explore the Western Ghats that harbor endemic creatures found nowhere else in the world the coral gardens of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the wildlife of Ladakh.

Speaking about the event Mr Rohit Gupta, Director of Tourism, Chandigarh, said: “As a tourism department, we must empower citizens with knowledge. We tell them about places to discover in their city and around the country while making them aware of the wonderful experiences they can have while traveling sustainably.”

Thanking Chandigarh Tourism, Neha Dara, head of RoundGlass Sustain said“Collaborations such as these help us show just how diverse our natural world is through stories and beautiful visuals. It’s a chance to show India’s amazing wildlife and help people fall in love with it.”

RoundGlass Sustain is a not-for-profit organization that has been digitally documenting India’s rich biodiversity for the past four years to create a comprehensive record of its wildlife and habitats. So far, it has created more than 1900 pieces of content on its website which includes 170 videos in 8 languages, 150 photo stories, and 184 infographics.

RoundGlassSustain’s work has been recognized both in India and abroad. In 2022, the Department of Science and Technology, the government of Rajasthan, organized three events screening films produced by RoundGlass Sustain on Rajasthan’s biodiversity. The not-for-profit has also partnered with international organizations like the UNDP, Nature Conservancy, Global Mangrove Alliance, and Cities for Forest and helped them generate interest and awareness around wildlife and ecosystems through storytelling.


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