CM gave his nod to start online services of Revenue Department to facilitate the general public


CM gave his nod to start online services of Revenue Department to facilitate the general public

CM gave his nod to start online services of Revenue Department to facilitate the general public

   In another remarkable decision to bring far more efficiency and check the pilferage of state revenue, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Maan gave his nod to start online services of Revenue Department to facilitate the general public.

          Some of the services for which people had to visit government offices earlier, can now be availed online at home. Revenue Minister Bram Shanker Jimpa said that the Punjab government led by Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann is implementing anti-corruption policies from day one. He said that in the past, the common people were very unhappy with the working of the revenue department, but from last one and a half years, people are getting smooth and good services.

          He said that earlier people had to go to the government office to get Fard, but now people can get the Fard at door step/on email.  By clicking “ONLINE REQUEST FOR FARD” on website , the copy of fard is being delivered to public across the country/on email.

          The government fee for this work is Rs. 20 per page and a Facilitation Fee of Rs. 5 per page would be charged.  Apart from this, a fee of Rs. 100 would be charged if the Fard is to be delivered within state and Rs. 200 for outside state. If a person wants to get copy of fard by email, then Rs. 50 would be charged separately.  The fee can be deposited online.  Maximum time of delivery of Fard by courier service only is 7 days and by Email only is 3 days,

          Jimpa said that most of the people who come to the registrar/sub registrar offices are either taking fards or buying stamp papers worth Rs. 100-200 only. He said that Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Maan gave his nod for abolishing the physical stamp papers. The stamp paper of any denomination can now be obtained via e-stamp. The citizens can generate the e-stamp paper of denomination below Rs. 500/- themselves through online portal i.e. He further said that it will help in avoiding harassment of general public in getting the stamp paper adding that this step will also help in curbing the stamp paper-linked frauds.

          Jimpa said that many citizens are still hesitating to take the online services of the Revenue Department, but now a large-scale campaign is being started to make people aware of it. He said that people should not get caught in the clutches of agents for work that they can do by themselves sitting at home. The Revenue Minister said that videos and graphics spreading awareness among people will be released soon by Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann. Apart from this, the district administrations would be made committed to share information at appropriate places in the government offices regarding the online services of revenue department.

Some other online services

          Revenue Department has started the National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) for online registration of documents in all the Sub Registrar and Joint Sub Registrar Offices in state.  Punjab is first in the Country to launch and complete the roll out of NGDR System. More than 30 lakh documents have been registered through NGDR System. This service is available at website.

          Apart from this, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann has launched the website to streamline the process of Old/Private Partition (Khangi Taqseem) keeping in mind the convenience of the residents of the state. More than 140 applications have been received on the portal and out of these 79 applications have been disposed off. Application for embossing of documents sent from abroad can be made through this website too.

          Jimpa appealed that people should support the government to further strengthen the treasury of the state and not to give any bribe to any officer or employee of the revenue department and if anyone asks for a bribe then it should be reported immediately. He said that corrupt officers and employees will not be spared at any cost.


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