Covid-19 Tips to boost your immunity


Covid-19 Tips to boost your immunity

As it has now become inevitable for us to take steps that would boost our immunity.

Covid-19:- Precautions in Wake of Corona virus Outbreak

Covid-19 There is a list of tips:-

Start your day with lemon in luke warm water.

make  sure you consume foods which contain vitamin C, such as amla, Oranges, and kinnow.

~It is important to keep your throat moist, so drink water every 15 can also go for detox water.~

~Covid -19 :- Home remedies~

kada or an immunity booster drink can be made at home.

Gargle with warm salt water at least once a day.

Add black pepper in every dish you cook.

Another good immunity booster is termeric. A ggod tip would be adding some tulsi/basil leaves to your morning cup of tea.

Green leafy vegetables help ward off infection as they are high on fiber and also boost immunity. you can make a salad with spinach broccoli and rocket leaves.

Alternatively, you can prepare a smoothie with green vegetables and seeds,or make a green juice with amla, lemon, and ginger.

CII proposes action points for strengthening the healthcare and pharma sectors amidst ongoing Coronavirus crisis

Berries are great as they are high on antioxidants and vitamin C, and hence, help curb infections. you could even make smoothie bowl – in a bowl add berries.

Greek yogurt, almonds and seeds such as chia, flax and sunflower.

Covid-19 Tips to boost your immunity

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E, fibre, protiein, and omega 3, so you should eat them everyday. Onion and garlic should be added while cooking food,as they posses antimicrobial capabilities.

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