CRB School Celebrates Teachers Day



CRB School Celebrates Teachers Day

CRB Public School celebrated Teacher’s Day to thank the teaching faculty for the contributions they make to the lives of CR Bians. A number of poems songs and speech said by the students highlighted.The importance of teachers in their lives.

To honour their teachers, the students left no stone unturned to entertain them. Anshul Mishra of Class Vth draped himself as Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan gave a motivational speech in which he highlighted the role of teachers in the lives of students as mentors and to make them good citizens of the country.

CRB School Celebrates Teachers Day
Photo by Parveen Kumar


They are the core educators who groom the mental development of any child. A group of class IV dancers presented a melodious dance reflecting their love for teachers.

In a speech, the principal, Mrs. Sangeeta Mittal said that the glory of the Guru cannot be written even if the whole earth is transformed into paper, Big trees into pens and the entire water of seven oceans into writing. This was followed by the lunch organised the management as a small token of appreciation for the teachers.


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