Dr. Navdeep Spread Ayurveda in the British Parliament



It is a matter of immense pride and legitimate honour not only for India but also for the entire Ayurvedic fraternity that Dr. Navdeep Sharma from ND Care Nirogam, Pvt. Ltd. was invited by the Middlesex University, London, U.K to present a paper of his research. The main theme of this conference was “Mental Health and Elderly Care”.

Paper Presentation by Dr. Navdeep Sharma at the Middlesex University: Dr. Navdeep Sharma presented his paper on the “Role of Ayurvedic Herbs in Psychological Disorders w.s.r to Depression” before the Ayurvedic fraternity gathered from all over the world. Referring to the slogan for the World Health Day, 2017 “Depression – Let’s talk” he said that with an ageing population, depression among the elderly is likely to increase in the years to come, with higher prevalence among the elderly than in the general adult population.Talking about India’s expertise in alternative medicine and healthcare that goes back to centuries, Dr. Navdeep Sharma said that Ayurveda, the science of life, is a holistic science that encompasses an overall focus on a healthy well-balanced life by creating a perfect balance of body, mind and soul. The paper was highly appreciated and was published in the concerned journal.

Dr.. Navdeep Sharma expansion in British Parliament Ayurveda
Photo by Parveen Kumar

Representing Ayurveda at the British Parliament:From among the very few selected delegates from different countries, Dr. Navdeep Sharma got an opportunity to address the august gathering presided by, Baroness Verma, Member of the House of Lordsat the British Parliament which had also invited Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha, Indian High Commissioner, London,U.K, Sh. Amarjit S. Bhamra- Lead Secretariat All Party Parliamentary Group,Indian Traditional Sciences, U.K, Dr. Madan, DNA Research Dept. University of Cambrigde, Dr. Navdeep Sharma briefed them about the fundamental Principles of Ayurveda. i.e

Swasthasya SwasthyaRakshanam AaturasyaVikara Prashamanam Cha Hailing Ayurveda as a holistic science, Dr. NavdeepSharmaurgedthe British Parliament to uptake Ayurveda as the Mainstream Treatment system in U.K. Dr. Navdeep Sharma believes that this wasan unforgettable and a highly satisfying experience to share his expertise with the Ayurvedic fraternity In Britain, a country under whose rule there was a marked decline in the popularity of Ayurveda, was now eager and highly enthusiastic to promote Ayurveda. The international conference,he feels, was the right platform for him to share his experiences. He feels delightfully satisfied about the interest and the preference that the other countries have now started showing for the Ayurvedic treatment of various dreadful diseases affecting mankind today.

Dr. Navdeep also updated that there is a need to provide 24*7 patient support to patients opting for Ayurveda treatment in critical diseases that is why ND Care Nirogam Pvt. Ltd. maintains a 24*7 helpline number 7307032211 for all its patients and a dedicated patient website www.blissways.com for its patients.



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