Elante enlightens lives of unprivileged kids

Elante’s yet another Initiative during Diwali with ‘Swarmani Youth Welfare Association’ Aims at developing skills among 100 unprivileged children in the beautiful city this year Collection from the sale of 25,000 recycled Diyas to be utilized in betterment of these kids


Elante enlightens lives of unprivileged kids: During this Diwali, Elante’s Happyness Wali Diwali Initiative enlightens the lives of 100 underprivileged children in and around the city. The most talked about retail hub sold 12,000+ recycled Diyas out of 25,000 that were collected last year post Diwali celebration in association of an NGO based in Chandigarh.

Elante enlightens lives of unprivileged kids

This initiative aims at developing skills among the underprivileged children of 5-16 years of age, targeting 100 this year. With this, Elante takes baby steps towards skill development and sustainable living contributing in the overall growth of the society.

To support the idea behind ‘Class of Knowledge’, groups of 15 students from Post Graduate Govt. College in Chandigarh offers help in re-packaging of these recycled Diyas to be able to sell in the market. This group belongs to the NSS unit of the college.

The entire money collected from its sale will be utilized in facilitating infrastructure, education, skills among these children and the number will keep on increasing year-on-year.

Thrinath K, Centre Director, Elante Mall said ‘We believe there is so much we can do to improve, facilitate growth and spread awareness within the society. Sustainable development is crucial for a customer-friendly retail space like us. Through this activity, we aim to raise awareness and the skill development challenges faced by underprivileged children in and around the city and look forward towards adopting more such practices to connect the community to such causes.’

Elante enlightens lives of unprivileged kids

Rohit Kumar, Founder & President Foundation said ‘We are glad to bring this one-of-its kind initiative whereas wastage is reduced and resources are put to best use. We partnered with Elante after careful consideration of audience engagement and overall consumer spends. Every year we target different society issues and try to solve them through one such initiative. We will keep doing all the good things for the betterment of society’ he added.


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