Famous fortune teller Poojaa Pahujja wins ‘Ubharta Sitara’ recognition

Renowned Astrologer “Poojaa Pahujja” was honored with the recognition of ‘Ubharta Sitara’ at Glam India Events award held at Hyatt Hotel in Janak Puri. In the presence of several luminaries and dignitaries, she received the award from Bollywood celebrities, Neha Dhupia and Rashmi Gupta.
 Poojaa Pahujja is a widely celebrated and influential doyen in the sphere of astrology, numerology, vastu science and occult readings. With over two decades of experience in fortune-telling, she has gathered a vast clientele of international and national clients.
Famous fortune teller Ms. Poojaa Pahujja wins ‘Ubharta Sitara’ recognition
Upon receiving the award, Poojaa Pahujja, fondly expressed, “I would like to extend my heartful gratitude to the jury who found me worthy of this recognition. I ventured into this profession to help and guide people to make wise choices and lead a life full of prosperity, happiness and mirth. Garnering in-depth knowledge about different streams of astrology, I found an enterprising passion and desire to succeed in this profession and provide my clients with the most accurate readings to secure their interests and allay their fears. I would like to thank my close and dear ones for their constant support and motivation.”
Famous fortune teller Ms. Poojaa Pahujja wins ‘Ubharta Sitara’ recognition
Apart from her professional proficiency, Pahujja is also a philanthropist and has pledged to safeguard the needs of the underprivileged sections of society. She is a dedicated member of Rotary International and is also a great believer in the power of karma, highlighting the noble and negative effects of good and bad karma.


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