Meet Gurtej Kochar: Advancing Technology for Customer Experience at Amazon India


Meet Gurtej Kochar: Advancing Technology for Customer Experience at Amazon India

Meet Gurtej Kochar: Advancing Technology for Customer Experience at Amazon India

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technology has become part of our everyday lives, influencing nearly every aspect of society. At the heart of this technological revolution are the brilliant minds of engineers who conceive, design, and implement the innovations bringing transformation in various industries. They are the architects of our modern world. There are thousands of engineers at Amazon India who are working towards enabling new customer experiences, addressing existing customer pain points and building product disciplines. Gurtej Kochar, Software Development Manager, Worldwide Pricing team at Amazon India has risen as a trailblazer epitomizing an unwavering ardor for innovation and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

A computer engineer hailing from Delhi, Gurtej’s five years journey at Amazon India is a testament to his commitment to innovation.Born into a family of medical practitioners, both of his parents being esteemed doctors, he imbibed values of precision and meticulous analysis from a young age. Although he grew up in a family of doctors, it was mathematics that held his heart.

Gurtej believes that his career in computer engineering was not just a choice; it was a calling. In his own words he explains, “I chose computer engineering as a career because it gives me the opportunity to apply my scientific and mathematical skills on exciting and meaningful projects that can improve customer experience (CX), advance my scientific knowledge, or enhance electronic communication.” His passion for the field goes beyond the technical aspects; he thrives on the challenge of finding new ways to make things faster, safer, low-cost, or more efficient. The diversity in the field of computer engineering are what attracted Gurtej to this domain. He appreciates how it impacts various industries and career paths, offering a plethora of learning opportunities. Gurtej’s thirst for knowledge and willingness to collaborate with professionals from different disciplines have been pivotal in his journey.

Gurtej joined Amazon India in 2018 as a Software Developer Engineer -level I. Over the years, he has climbed the corporate ladder to become a-Software Development Manager with World Wide Pricing Team. In his current role, he and his team are dedicated to ensuring that Amazon customers derive maximum value from their shopping experiences by availing great prices. Making use of the many advancements in machine learning, they strive to make Amazon’s systems incredibly smart, and capable of tasks like verifying attributes and interpreting complex business scenarios with accuracy.

Remaining at the forefront of technology is crucial for Gurtej. He maintains a strong reading and discussion group where he and his team brainstorm and debate cutting-edge technologies emerging in the market. According to him, Amazon’s culture encourages trying out new technologies to solve challenging business problems, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. For Gurtej, Amazon’s work culture epitomizes the maxim, “Work Hard, Have Fun, Make History.” He shares, “As Amazonians, this philosophy fuels our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled customer value while fostering camaraderie and enjoyment among colleagues. It is the cornerstone of our dedication to providing immense value to our customers, all while coming together for enjoyable activities, embarking on memorable trips, and engaging in playful games, leaving us with a plethora of cherished memories.”

He believes Amazon’s leadership principles play a pivotal role in creating this culture of ease and innovation. Gurtej says, “As an engineer at Amazon, I find myself most aligned with the leadership principle of ‘Invent and Simplify.’ We not only encourage but also expect creativity and innovation from ourselves and our teams. We continuously strive to simplify processes, unburdened by the constraints of ‘it would not be feasible.’ The greater the challenge, the broader the room for innovation.”

As festive season kickstarts in India, Gurtej shares, “The festive season in Amazon India is filled with so much fervor and energy. Teams across businesses start preparing months in advance to ensure we provide a best shopping experience to our customers across the country that can simplify their everyday life.”

Beyond his professional commitments, Gurtej finds joy in the spirited camaraderie of a cricket match, savours the art of witty repartee, and dedicates himself to social service. This multifaceted persona reveals his unwavering commitment to making a profound impact that extends far beyond the boundaries of the tech world.

Gurtej’s journey at Amazon serves as an inspiring example of personal growth and dedication to innovation. His commitment to making Amazon’s systems smarter and more efficient reflects his passion for computer engineering and his relentless pursuit of excellence. Advanced skills in fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics are undoubtedly valuable, and Amazon ensures that its employees have access to cutting-edge training programs to acquire and enhance these skills.

Amazon has all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people, and prides itself on hiring individuals with all types of background and experiences and celebrates diversity of leadership and thought – which is seen as a key component in its mission to create the most customer-centric company in the world.


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