Proud to be a Sikh-2 unravels mystery on the sacrilege of Shri Guru Granth Sahib JI



Shan-E-Khalsa Production has officially announced the release date of their 6th film – Proud to be a Sikh 2 today at Chandigarh Press Club in the presence of Protagonist Atwinder Singh and Supporting Actors Sunny Gill, Amritpal Singh Billa, Harvinder Singh, Tegbir Singh, Gursimran Kaur, Gagandeep Kaur along with other crew members including Rachna Kaur (Art Director) Manjit Singh (DOP).

Amritpal Singh Billa shared his views what the film is about, “This film shows the right path to our youth and unravels the true facts behind the sacrilege of SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI in Punjab. Proud to Be a Sikh 2 is a second part and pays tribute to the martyrdom of Sahibzadas. It also has a special song for the Prakash Purab of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Kalgidhar Pita).”

Director Satdeep Singh sharing his views on the film title – Proud to be a Sikh said,This film shows the true significance of being a Sikh. Sikh is universe, its not a religion. Proud to be a Sikh means “Sanu Apne Guru Te Maan Hai” rather saying we are proud of our ourselves. Sikh true meaning is one who wants to learn and there’s no such community who doesn’t want to. Sikh is a student who learns and this movie shows the true facts and based on our study behind every problem described in the film.”

He further shared, “Proud to be a Sikh-2” is our 6th film in a row, will be officially released by Shan-E-Khalsa production on 29th December. The previous part – Proud to be Sikh received lot of appreciation from audience. We are very thankful to our public and upcoming generation, who has showed a great interest in the movie. This has brought a lot of confidence in us that we have chose to release its second part. Hope it will be much appreciated and liked by our audience as the previous part.”

The distribution of this film in all India has been made by OM JI Group. Co-Produced by S. Jaswinder Singh Gulati and Dr. Amardeep Singh, Media Advisor is S. Maninder Singh Ahuja, Directed by Satdeep Singh.  

Shan-E-Khalsa President – Dr. Rupinder Singh, Production Manager Dr. Rubina Kaur, Executive Crew Members: Majot Singh, Gupan Singh Chawla, Amandeep Singh Gulati, Paramjit Singh, Joginder Singh, Parminder Singh, Kulbir Singh and Surinder Kaur were also present during the conference.




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