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Rudraksh Immigration Group explains what is the cost of studying in the US for Indian students

The USA is by far the most popular destination for Indian students to migrate to. It has been a tradition for decades now. In fact, there are thousands of Indians living in the US as second or even third-generation migrants. You must also have come across people in your social circles who know someone who is living in the US. It could be your cousin, your friends, your relatives, your acquaintances, etc.

Among myriad reasons for the US migration includes great employment opportunities, access to world-class educational institutes, attractive wages after completing your studies, high standards of living, intercultural experience and many more. But most often people are worried about the expenses that they need to incur in order to facilitate education in the US. Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali explains the kind of fees and living expenses one could expect during a stay in the US. The following are the factors on which it depends:

Course of Study

Typically, management courses like MBA have much higher tuition fees compared to an Arts course. For instance, an MBA course could easily cost you in the vicinity of $80,000, whereas an arts course would only cost around $40,000, reducing the cost by half. Note that the amount of tuition fee you end up paying does not determine the quality of education. It just represents the value of the degree in the professional world post your education.


While the tuition fee is fixed depending on the college or the course you opted for, your living expenses depend on much subtler aspects mentions Rudraksh Group Mohali. The prime factor on which the rent of your accommodation, commodities, and daily expenses mostly rely is the location of your residence. A general rule of thumb states that the bigger the city you’re living in, the higher will be the living expenses. Also, if you’re living in the city centre, the rent and other commodity prices will be much higher compared to if you are living on the outskirts of the city. Hence, you must carefully choose where you decide to put up.

Additional Expenses

It must be understood that although you are there to study, it is not possible that you won’t go out for entertainment or tourism purposes. Therefore, a specific amount of budget has to be allocated to those kinds of expenses too. As a matter of fact, your textbooks, clothing, furniture, gadgets, internet, etc will also fall under that category. Make sure to incorporate these expenses while planning the budget before you travel to the US. On average, one could expect to spend around $20,000 per year on living expenses alone.

As mentioned previously, these are just ballpark figures to give you a brief idea about how much you will need to spend if you wish to pursue education in the USA. Since these expenses depend on so many variables, your actual amount could be slightly different. That is why it is recommended that you visit a professional overseas migration consultant like Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali where you will get the exact idea of how much money will you need to spend if you planning to go to a particular university in a particular city in the US. They will also help you plan your budget accordingly.









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