Sharmita Bhinder makes the City Beautiful proud with ‘Fierce and Fearless’ title

Sharmita Bhinder makes the City Beautiful proud with ‘Fierce and Fearless’ title
Fifty-one year old,  Sharmita Bhinder, a resident of Chandigarh, has brought pride to the tricity by winning the prestigious title of ‘Fierce and Fearless’ at the Nari First Competition held recently. This unique international event took place on a cruise between Bombay and Goa and showcased exceptional talent and determination among women. Bhinder who took part in the  40-60 age category at Nari First has also qualified to represent India at  the World Island Cultural and Tourism Ambassador Pageant in Mauritius.

Malaika Arora, a celebrated model and actress, was the Chief Guest of the event.  Nari First was organised by its India founder Aikta Sharma with the support of Anshu Buddhiraja who is also the  CEO of Amway India Enterprises. The pageant  saw the presence of notable personalities including Shibani Kashyap, a renowned singer, performer, and music producer, as well as Yosheena Raghoonandan Nauoji, Mrs Universe Maldives and head of Women of Wonders, who is hosting the World Island Cultural and Tourism Ambassador Pageant in Mauritius.

Nari First was the first of its kind of pageant organized on the principle of diversity and inclusion which focused on talent, persona, and presence. “We had 130 participating women  who were selected from 2000 applicants from all over India, Mauritius, Dubai and other countries. It was held on Cordelia Cruise between Bombay and Goa,” said Bhinder while sharing her experience at the pageant, with  the media , at Hotel Mountview here.

Sharing her remarkable journey and the challenges she overcame to achieve this accolade, she said: “It was an incredible experience to participate in Narifirst. The competition was tough, but my never-say-die attitude and the support of my family and friends helped me push through.”

Sharmita’s victory at Nari First has earned her the honour of representing India at the ‘The World Island Cultural and Tourism Ambassador Pageant,’ which will be held in Mauritius from July 31 to August 5. This prestigious event aims to promote cultural exchange and tourism on an international platform.

Speaking about her upcoming participation in Mauritius, Sharmita expressed her excitement and determination to make India proud. “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to represent my country. Preparing for this pageant involves rigorous training and dedication, and I am ready to give it my all,” she stated.

It is noteworthy that Sharmita has had major challenges thrown at her at different phases of life . She became the mother of a special child who doctors said may not walk or his brain development could be slow. However with focus and belief in God Sharmita worked on her son who studied in a normal school and took science in high school and is presently pursuing  BSc Physics on a full scholarship at the prestigious  Azimpremji University in Bengaluru. It is also pertinent to mention here that in  a tragic turn of events Sharmita lost her husband to COVID in Bali, Indonesia and was unable to be by his side when he passed away. Bhinder didn’t give up and carried out her duties towards her sons as a single mother and even started an NGO EmPOWER. Her NGO works for advocacy of special children rights and it provides legal, medical and emotional help to them. The NGO has slowly expanded to helping the underprivileged and women.

Her life story is a testament to courage and resilience, having faced numerous adversities with a steadfast spirit and these aspects were taken into consideration while selecting her for the title of ‘Fierce and Fearless’ at Nari First.

Sharmita’s achievement at Nari First and her forthcoming representation of India at the ‘World Island Cultural and Tourism Ambassador Pageant’ has not only brought her personal joy but has also become a moment of pride for Chandigarh and the entire nation.

“Life throws challenges at everyone , this leads to people to ask ‘why has God done this to me’ and this causes a lot of mental, emotional, physical and health issues. However, I have learnt the hard way that one should fight against situations in life and  find solutions. You have to have a strong outlook only then you can come out of trouble and achieve more. “I would advise young girls and women  to break out of their comfort zones , break norms and challenge themselves  to do something different which is bigger and better. Only this way will they be able to live their dreams,” concluded Bhinder.


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