COLORS ‘Mishri’ actor Namish Taneja says, “My furry babies are my life’s sweet Mishri”


COLORS ‘Mishri’ actor Namish Taneja says, “My furry babies are my life's sweet Mishri”

COLORS‘ upcoming show ‘Mishri’ dives into a compelling relationship drama following the intertwined journeys of Mishri (Shruti Bisht), Vaani (Megha Chakraborty), and Raghav (Namish Taneja). Mishri, known for spreading happiness and bringing good fortune, is forced into a marriage with Raghav, who only agrees out of ethical values. Determined not to be a burden on Raghav, Mishri escapes and embarks on a quest for independence. Along the way, she encounters Vaani, a modern woman who introduces her to a new world. As Mishri strives for independence, Vaani represents modernity and empowerment, while Raghav remains devoted to his family, willing to do anything to for them. In a conversation with Namish Taneja, he shared insights about his character, noting the parallels between Raghav’s life and his own. He also revealed who he considers the ‘Mishri’ in his life.

Namish Taneja, who will soon be seen in COLORS’ upcoming show ‘Mishri’ as Raghav, shares his excitement: “I’m quite excited about my new show ‘Mishri,’ where Mishri is someone who spreads happiness and sweetness in everyone’s life. I have my own ‘Mishri’ at home— my four furry babies. My fur babies, whom I refer to as ‘mere bacche’ (my children), have brought immense positivity into my life. Ever since I got them, things have changed for me in a very positive way. Many times, my directors, co-actors, and others wonder if I really have four kids! In fact, their surnames are also Taneja (laughs).  But yes, I consider them my ‘Mishri’ for the significant impact they’ve had on me as their pet dad.”

The show is all set for the grand debut, promising to uplift spirits with its beautiful storyline and distinctive approach. Set in the cultural hub of Mathura, viewers are in for an engaging experience as the creators have vividly captured the essence of Mathura for their audience.

“Doosron ke dilon main mithas gholne waali, apne jeevan ki kadwahat kaise mitayegi?”  Stay tuned to Mishri airing from 3rd July at 8:30 PM only on COLORS.


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