The reasons why NCERT solutions are recommended by experts


The reasons why NCERT solutions are recommended by experts


The reasons why NCERT solutions are recommended by experts: The moment a student is preparing for JEE Main, the first question that emerges at the back of their mind is would NCERT books suffice in terms of preparation. Studying NCERT chemistry 11 books helps them to study and score well in the examinations. The reason why such a question tends to emerge in the minds of students is JEE mains is a tough exam and millions of students appear for these exams every year. But hardly a few of them are able to clear them. In addition the number of seats available in top colleges like IIT is less when you compare it to the students who clear the exam.

The reasons why NCERT solutions are recommended by experts

The text books for CBSE are provided by NCERT.. They are written by subject matter experts and the concepts are explained in an easy to understand language. Even the syllabus of JEE mains follows the course curriculum that is part of class 10 and class 11 board exams that is being taught in school. This is one of the main reasons why NCERT books are considered to be the best when it comes to JEE mains preparation. To prepare themselves in a better way the students are advised to go through NCERT subject wise solutions in  a better way. They will go a long way in helping you to clear JEE main exams with relative ease.

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11th chemistry NCERT book for class 11 and 12 provides students with an in depth understanding of the complex subjects making it a great book to start with your JEE main preparation. NCERT books along  with NCERT solutions books help a student enable to understand the topics better and is going to give you precise inputs while practicing. For all these reasons it is suggested that along with NCERT books you can opt for certain reference books.

NCERT solutions for chemistry

When it comes to chemistry NCERT books are crucial. Are you aware that many JEE experts have gone on to claim that the inorganic chemistry part comes from NCERT books for the JEE main exams. There are numerous questions related to the inorganic process and p block elements have been directly asked from these books. NCERT science solutions for class 11 and 12 provide students with a concise understanding about fundamental topics and concepts. For physical chemistry the students should consider NCERT books along with reference books.

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NCERT solutions for Maths

If we talk about Maths, a lot of questions from NCERT books have been repeatedly asked in JEE mains. The books of class 11 and 12 covers all the topics that a student should be well versed when they are attempting JEE Main. From formulas, definitions, examples NCERT books are known to provide ample study material to the students. If you are looking to score well in Maths exam do not ignore the NCERT books.

NCERT books goes on to summarize each and every chapter

The best part about NCERT books is that all the concepts are explained in an easy to understand manner. Even towards the end of the chapter a summary is provided on each of the chapters. One of the reasons why the summary is present is to provide the students with an overview of that particular chapter. All the points are drafted and summarized in such a way that includes each concept in details.

NCERT solutions class wise are strong suggested by the toppers

JEE toppers and JEE experts have voiced their opinion towards NCERT books. According to them it is the best book when it comes to preparation for JEE main exams. You ought to understand that everyone is not a topper and it takes years along with patience and hard work to achieve the same. According to a JEE topper the student should always start from the basics. If your basic concepts are strong only then it becomes easy to move over to complex subjects with ease. A lot of solutions and videos have harped on this point.

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For entrance exams NCERT books are the best since they go on to cover every topic in details. No wonders the toppers feel that these books are the best since it contributes to their preparation in the best possible manner. So as to boast your JEE mains you may study from reference books and NCERT but do not miss a trick by not referring to the later. The possibility of success could drastically reduce if you are not going through NCERT books.

To sum up things apart from NCERT books platforms like Infinity Learn would be of enormous help to the students. There are qualified teachers and if you have any doubt just buzz them. They are going to clear all of them in the shortest time frame possible.



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