Visit of Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines



Visit of Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines


With a view to enhance and strengthen the collection of the prestigious International Dolls Museum, the ambitious project of procuring the dolls from foreign lands was mooted out by the Chandigarh Administration to bridge up the cultural and artistic linkages. Accordingly the request letter for as many as 33 embassies and High Commissions at New Delhi were sent to respective Ambassadors and High Commissioners.

The proposal was appreciated by many Embassies and so far International dolls Museum has received complimentary dolls from Ambassadors of Vietnam and Turkey. Some of the embassies have responded well and offered to send representative dolls of their respective countries.

In the same connection Her Excellency, Mrs Maria Teresita C Daza, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines personally made a trip to Chandigarh along with her delegation to hand over three dolls of Philippines to showcase in the permanent display of the International Dolls Museum. The complimentary dolls of Philippines showcases the high artistic costumes of different areas of the country. She took a tour of the International Dolls Museum and was fascinated with the collection of Indian and overseas dolls and state-of-the-art museographical display. She appreciated the initiatives of the Chandigarh Administration.

The International Dolls Museum is the first of its kind in India which museologically showcases precious and invaluable collection of about 352 heritage dolls of different 36 countries with historical, geographical, artistic and costume features. The Museum attained its International status after the ambitious museum upgradation project which was launched by the then Administrator of UT Chandigarh in 2009. The museum has high footfall including dignitaries, scholars, young and old alike and is very well received by the society, disclosed PC Sharma. Officer Incharge, International Dolls Museum


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