Woman successfully operated for ‘diaphragmatic hernia’


Woman successfully operated for ‘diaphragmatic hernia’

Panchkula, November 11: A 25-yr old woman has successfully been operated for diaphragmatic hernia at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula recently.

Arunima (name changed) resident of Naraingarh admitted in Alchemist with the complaint of shortness of breath. She was diagnosed with diaphragmatic hernia.

Dr Harsh Garg, consultant-general surgery at Alchemist Hospital , who performed surgery, informed that small gut, large gut and liver were found moved up in the chest cavity. She was successfully operated and a mesh was placed. She is now stable with no complaints.

Dr Garg further said that a diaphragmatic hernia occurs when one or more of abdominal organs move upward into your chest through a defect (opening) in the diaphragm. This kind of defect can be present at birth or acquired later in life.

Woman successfully operated for ‘diaphragmatic hernia’

 Acquired diaphragmatic hernia is a rare entity and present with different symptoms. Often there is history of trauma which usually patient forgets.

It’s generally a diagnostic dilemma, diagnosed with CECT- abdomen and chest, said Dr Garg adding it’s always a surgical emergency and requires prompt corrective surgery.

Meanwhile the severity of symptoms with a diaphragmatic hernia can vary depending on its size, cause, and the organs involved.

Woman successfully operated for ‘diaphragmatic hernia’

The diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscular barrier between the chest and abdominal cavity. It separates heart and lungs from our abdominal organs (stomach, intestines, spleen, and liver).



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