Indian diasphora acclaims smart Badsar Assembly Segment project


Indian diasphora acclaims smart Badsar Assembly Segment project.

Parakashpur (HP)—Dr P.C. Sharma, an internationallydistinguished environmentalist seems to revisit the vision ‘Clean and Green Himachal’ of Dr Y.S. Parmar, architect of Himachal Pradesh to realism. His proposition to turn BadsarAssembly Segment into smart constituency, first of its kind in India turns into action. Procedural hackles and functional handicaps that stalked the visionsince long now has been taken care of and he outlined his plans to make the constituency smart by associating noted Indian diasphora.

Dr Sharma states that his design is receiving over-whelming response even from indigenous Diasphora living in oversea countries. The diasphora is associated with the socio-cultural, religious, tourists, economic, historical, heritage, archaeological, ecological patronage for the universally renowned cave temple of Baba BalakNath whichhas lauded the concept in view of its eco developmental and heritage significance.

The Heritage Consultant and Chairman of prominent environmental NGO”National Vrikshprasadam Foundation”Dr PC Sharma has surmised that the large number of NRIs from different states of India particularly Northern Region who have great faith and belief in the socio-cultural preachings and teachings of SidhShri Baba BalakNath would be engaged in the various eco developmental and heritage pursuits of the smart constituency project.

An eminent super specialist and classified physician Dr R. Kaushal from Himachal Pradesh who has greatly contributed in health care services and medical education in India and Canada has commended the smart idea and endowed suitable supporting system.

The renowned social worker and philanthropist DiwaniSantoshiMaheshwari from the Punjabi community who is spearheading her socio-cultural and spiritual ventures in various countries particularly England has also admired the project and extended her willingness to support the project through her social NGOs. A young and energetic medical expert Dr VarunSankhyan from Himachal Pradesh who is in the advisory of several NGOs in the country and has been pioneer organiser of medical and health camps in the hinterland and tribal areas has appraised such an unique project of national importance as highly praiseworthy.

Another esteemed NRI from Northern India Dr Bhuttar who is permanently settled in Canada has also shown his keen interest in the innovative project of heritage and cultural importance and desired to be associated in any form.

While talking to Dr Sharma, conveys that we stand now where two roads diverge. The road we have long been travelling, is deceptively easy, a smooth super highway on which we progress with great speed but at its end lies disaster. The other fork of the road, the one less travelled by, offers only last chance to us to reach a destination that assures the preservation of Mother Earth. “I choose the other fork of the road,” says Dr Sharma.

Dr PC Sharma credited with vast experience and expertise in heritage, cultural, environmental and museological projects at national and international platforms and is on the consultancy panel of several socio-cultural and environmental NGOs has affirmed that the conceptual note and detailed project report is being formulated and would be taken with the Government at state and central levels for suitable budgetery provision under the various government schemes besides the volunteerfunding and donations etc of the global devotees and alike.


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