Mock Fire Safety Drill conducted at Fortis Mohali



 Fortis Hospital Mohali today conducted a Mock Fire Drill in association with the Fire Department, Mohali as a part of Fire Safety Week. The drill was conducted as per the international standards of fire and safety preparedness and was focused on safe patient evacuation in case of an emergency.

During the mock drill, Hydraulic Platform Ladder was used for evacuation from tall buildings or roof tops in case of an emergency or disaster. Dummy patients were evacuated from the roof of the hospital building as part of the drill. The hospital staffs were also given hands-on training to use the ladder in case of an emergency or disaster.

Hospital staff enthusiastically participated in the fire prevention rehearsal under the instruction and cooperation of Mohali Fire Department. This exercise was aimed to train the staff in practical ways to respond during a crisis, and how to navigate out of dangerous areas and retain order and security.

Mock Fire Safety Drill conducted at Fortis Mohali

According to Mr. Abhijit Singh, Director, Fortis Hospital Mohali, “As a responsible healthcare organization, we conduct such mock drives regularly and ensure that our entire team is aware of fire safety and able to follow laid down fire safety procedures in case of an emergency.”

According to Dr Ankur Rustgi, Head Administrator, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, said, “In order to make sure that patients, staff, attendants understand safety procedures, mock drills are an important part of our fire safety procedures. Additionally, they help us to test effectiveness of our evacuation plans in case an emergent situation arises. We take this opportunity to improve our protocols as well.”

As per Mr. Sameer Chhibber, Head of Security and Safety, Fortis Hospital Mohali, “Such drills help us prepare for the real-life emergencies and mitigate those on occurrence, the more we sweat the less we bleed.”


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