Sant Nirankari Mission Pays Tribute to Baba Hardev Singh


Sant Nirankari Mission Pays Tribute to Baba Hardev Singh

The Nirankari fraternity across the globe pays tribute to their former Satguru, Baba Hardev Singh Ji today, observing it as ‘Samarpan Diwas’. This information is given by Sh. Navneet Pathak Ji Sanyojak Branch Chandigarh.

He further said that, Instead of the regular practice of organizing Satsangs and Samagams on this day the Mission will be organizing an Online Samagam due to the prevailing conditions of Covid-19 and as per the directives of the Government.

This will be hallmarked by a Holy Message by Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission.

Baba Hardev Singh Ji led the Mission for 36 years as its Spiritual Head and relinquished His physical form and merged into the Formless on this day four years ago.

In the span of 36 years Baba Ji worked tirelessly by spreading the message of Universal Brotherhood, love and humanity through Spiritual Enlightenment so that the vices of greed, hatred, enmity, anger, jealousy, narrow-mindedness, discrimination are shed and Human values of love, peace, compassion are adopted.

Baba Ji blessed the Mission a multi-dimensional growth at both, the Spiritual level and on the level of its commitment to Society through social welfare activities of blood donation, cleanliness drives, tree plantation, health camps, opening of educational institutes, holding vocational training and conceiving a Health City for providing medical treatment at affordable rates.

Baba Ji gave the Mission its first Blood Bank in Vile Parle, Mumbai on January 26, 2016.

It was under the guidance of Baba Ji that the Mission started holding country-wide cleanliness and tree plantation drives on His birthday, February 23 every year since 2003 with special attention, from time to time, to ancient monuments, Government hospitals, railway stations, beaches and river banks, parks and other place of public use. Baba Ji welcomed any such effort sponsored by various organizations in the country and offered active participation by the Mission.

Baba Ji set up Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation in April, 2010 so that all these services could find better coverage on regular basis.

Baba Ji’s other dream project was the Sant Nirankari Spiritual Complex in Samalkha which is now the venue for the Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam and various others activities of the Missions.

Baba Hardev Singh Ji encouraged the youth in India and abroad to participate in various activities of the Mission with the underlying essence of togetherness. Baba Ji, through Spirituality, bundled their energies and directed them to constructive yield to the society.

Today, under the Divine guidance of Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj who is carrying forward the profound legacy of Baba Ji by spreading Truth, Love and Peace across the globe and aptly guiding devotees to be of service to Humanity by taking utmost care of one’s health and supporting Govt measures in its battle against COVID 19.

Sant Nirankari Mission Pays Tribute to Baba Hardev Singh

The Mission is providing ration to thousands of needy families, providing cook food to the lakhs of migrant workers and the daily wage earners. They provided PPE kits to the hospitals, supplied Mask to various segments of society, offered Satsang Bhawans for quarantine, donated blood voluntarily and whenever called upon by the authorities time and again.


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