Third outlet of Pal Dhaba with Live Music, Open Air Field & Garden with Fountain inaugurated



On the auspicious occasion of the Akshaya Triteye, Paul Dhaba (The Hot Launch Film Restaurant by Paul Dhaba) inaugurated the third dhaba at the Zirakpur Highway Road. Since the 1960s, the dhaba has kept its food tastes from the last 58 years, not only has Try City but all the famous actors and actresses of Bollywood, Pollywood and Tollywood have tasted their food. Even if it is a butter chicken, beef or worm, or special lentil sour.

None of the celebrities in Chandigarh have been vacated without eating Khalsa. Mahinder Singh inaugurated the third dive of Pal Dhaba along with live music, Open Air Field and Garden with Fountain. He told that after the team of Chandigarh Pal Dhaba Sector 28, Panchkula Sector 20, he is now going to open the third branch of Pal Dhaba at Zirakpur.

How it Starts

By the late Ashok Kumar ji, in the 1960’s, in 22 Shastri Shastri Market, the playground was started by playing the gown. Because people like Ashok Kumar’s food recipes of chicken or mutton and it was sold out. So he made his first setup in Sector 28 in 1971 in the name of Paul Dhaba.

Paul Dhaba Offers Special Training

Mohinder Singh said that our third branch is going to be opened now and till date we have never given our dhaba to lease. Because our food tastes can not come to any other place. So I train myself to cook my own. So that the same tastes for 58 years are going on in every restaurant.

Our Specialty

If you talk about non-veg, then Paul Dhaba’s specialty Butter Chicken, Mutton, Keema, Rogan and in the same veg food, Dal Makhni, Shahi Paneer and Paneer Butter Masala are well-known. In the same winter season, there is a wide variety of vegetables and corn bread. Not only this, there are specially made jeggary laddus which are sold every morning.



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