12 Things Professional Declutterers Won’t Keep in Their Living Room


12 Things Professional Declutterers Won’t Keep in Their Living Room

1. Excess Furniture

Cluttered living rooms often have too much furniture. Professionals know that keeping only essential pieces creates a spacious, welcoming environment. Less furniture means more room to breathe and move around.

2. Unused Electronics

Unused electronics gather dust and take up space. Declutterers suggest removing outdated gadgets. This includes old TVs, unused gaming consoles, and obsolete stereos. Keeping only what you use maintains a neat space.

3. Piles of Magazines and Newspapers

Stacks of magazines and newspapers are a common source of clutter. Professionals recommend discarding them regularly. Digital subscriptions can replace physical copies, reducing paper waste and clutter.

4. Decorative Items Without Purpose

Too many decorative items can make a room feel chaotic. Experts advise keeping only meaningful or necessary decor. This strategy highlights your style without overwhelming the space.

5. Outdated or Broken Items

Anything outdated or broken has no place in a decluttered living room. Professional organizers suggest repairing or discarding these items. This practice ensures everything in your living room is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Unread Books

While books add charm, unread ones can pile up quickly. Declutterers recommend keeping only books you love or plan to read soon. Donate the rest to free up space and help others.

7. Unnecessary Knick-Knacks

Knick-knacks often accumulate over time, cluttering surfaces. Experts suggest displaying only a few cherished items. This keeps your living room looking tidy and stylish.

8. Excessive Throw Pillows

Too many throw pillows can make your sofa look cluttered. Professionals suggest using a few that match your decor. This maintains comfort without overcrowding your seating area.

9. Toys and Games

Children’s toys and games often end up scattered in the living room. Declutterers advise storing them in designated areas. This keeps the space organized and ensures toys are easy to find when needed.

10. Unused Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment that’s rarely used can become an eyesore. Professionals recommend finding a more suitable place for it. This might be a home gym or storage room, keeping the living area neat.

11. Excessive Cables and Chargers

Cables and chargers create visual clutter. Declutterers suggest organizing them with cable management solutions. This keeps them out of sight and prevents tangling.

12. Personal Items

Personal items like mail, keys, and wallets should have designated spots. Professionals recommend using entryway organizers. This keeps personal items accessible yet out of the main living space.

By following these professional tips, you can transform your living room into a clutter-free, serene environment. Keep only what adds value and joy to your space.



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