His Excellency the Governor of Punjab and Administrator of UT had an interactive session with all the Principals/Headmasters of the 114 Government schools of UT Chandigarh.

The Hon’ble Administrator shared his vision and experience as to how institutions/schools can be transformed into centres of excellence by diligence, innovative approach and commitment of teachers, Principals and Senior Officers of the department.

Principals/Headmasters appraised the Hon’ble Administrator about the issues relating to double shift schools, shortage of staff & the lecturers, water logging during rainy season, anti social activities (in and around some institutions located in the peripheral areas). Some principals/headmasters shared the views about the best and innovative practices being followed by them in their respective schools which were highly appreciated by The H.E.

Hon’ble Administrator laid emphasis upon proper and regular training of teachers, exchange programmes of faculty and utilization of the services of retired defence personnels. He also laid a lot of emphasis on general medical checkup, dental checkup and immunization of students. Hon’ble Administrator made it a point that State of the Art Sports facilities, which have been created by the administration should be optimally utilized by the group/cluster of schools by making appropriate arrangements and coordination between the Sports Department and the School Authorities.

Adviser to the Administrator expressed the view that schools of Chandigarh have been provided with the best of infrastructure & facilities, it is therefore, necessary that performance of the schools must improve, so that ranking of Chandigarh is elevated amongst top ranking States/UT’s of the country.


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