Article on time


Everyone whom I talk to every day seems to be so busy. Their time is taken up by work, activities, obligations, taking care of young ones, elderly relatives, creating, building, struggling, thriving, anything.

Time is simply the one thing we never have enough of. Period.

Without proper time management skills, we simply cannot do all the things we mean to do and inevitably, we feel guilty and stressed because of this.

Time is Precious and no one has it Nowdays time is nothing becoz no one has time for their family their children.No takes care of their diet becoz of no time no one takes care of themself their nutrition becoz no time . the thing is we have a lots of time but we dont know how to use it we think we are the busiest but we are not .some ways to use time carefully are=

  1. We should make a time table according to our daily routine like students should insert when to wake up.



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