Breakfast- the most important meal of the day


Gaurika (chandigarhcitynews)

The most important meal of the day – breakfast – is most neglected by school students. But why do most students hate breakfast? Well they do not hate breakfast; they simply don’t have any time for it! Schools normally begins early and in most homes breakfast is not ready or is inadequate.

Breakfast is important for many reasons.First, it provides essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fibers and calcium. Second, it energizes the body for the days work.

Third, research shows that students who regularly  eat breakfast are healthy, active, bright, well- behaved and punctual.


Everyday breakfast should include a variety of foods- fruits, breads, cereals, vegetables, juices, cheese, milk, butter, yoghurt, smoothies , nuts, salads and bakery products . Those who prefer non- vegetarian food can also include eggs and meat  as per their choice.

But the important thing is that breakfast should be wholesome meal children should spend considerable amount of time by enjoying it .

Remember, a healthy breakfast is the foundation of a happy day.



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