CEVA Drama Repertory Co. and Purple Mangoes collaborate with HsHs Clowns from Egypt to celebrate Red Nose Day

CEVA Drama Repertory Co. and Purple Mangoes collaborate with HsHs Clowns from Egypt to celebrate Red Nose Day by organizing Performances in Clowning devised during a workshop in Clowning.



HsHs Clowns Troupe is street clown troupe from Alexandria, Egypt, formed in 2010. They aim to develop the art of clowning by mixing it with the local culture and other performing arts and deliver art and culture to the abandoned and vulnerable communities. They use laughter and joy as therapy to create positive individuals who can then feel inspired to be useful for the community.

Red Nose Day is an International day that takes place in different parts of the world at different times in the year. The day is celebrated to send out a message to the people that laughter can heal communities and its individuals. On this day, the people dress as clowns, wearing red noses, and performs shows and interact with people on the streets. In the past, Hshs clowns celebrated Red Nose Day on 4th November, 2016, the Egyptian Day of Love, to send a message to the Egyptian community that we are one, inspite of our differences. 30 participants from different backgrounds performed 30 different sketches in front of 200 people of various communities. You can find more about this here http://www.elwatannews.com/news/details/1579260

This year, in Chandigarh, CEVA, Purple Mangoes and Hshs Clowns collaborate to celebrate the India Red Nose day on the 4th of April, 2017. We are joined by 17 clowns, some artists and some non-artists, who will be performing small clown sketches at the plaza in sector 17 as a gift to the people of Chandigarh, sending out a message of unity and acceptance of our diversity.  These sketches have been produced out of a workshop facilitated by Stavros Kerellos, Marwa Haiba and Asmaa Hassan of HsHs clowns, Egypt.

CEVA Drama Repertory Company is a community theatre group engaged in cultural activism. Their cultural activism takes the form of the creation of a community theatre play production and its performance at street corners, community spaces schools, colleges, public functions that mark moments that are important for our community. The processes of community theatre create spaces and opportunities for participants to articulate their perceptions and experience freely. The repertory, along with community theatre professionals, are also clowns and go regularly to hospitals in Chandigarh to share cheer and happiness with patients and their families, to help them forget and release their pain and stress.

Purple Mangoes perform as clowns and design-facilitate experiences that enable people to feel free to be their true self and celebrate themselves and their stories. These experiences can be theme or skill specific (for example, Gender, Identity, Theatre and clowning, art of facilitation, social change) and are created in the form of workshops, learning journeys, school clubs, public space interventions, festivals and performances.

Day: 4th April, 2017,Time: 6:00 PM,Venue: Plaza, Sector 17, Chandigarh.



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