Chandigarh Traffic Police Is Conducting Special Drives Against Wrong Parking



 To curb the menace of wrong parking in the city, Chandigarh Traffic Police is conducting special drives against wrong parking.  During this special drive, affixing of wheel clamps on wrongly parking vehicles, towing of vehicles using hydraulic recovery vans and challaning of such vehicles has been intensified.
  During this year upto 22.2.2018, Chandigarh Traffic Police has issued 3545 challans for the violation of wrong parking in the city. It is pertinent to mention that during the previous year upto 22.2.2018, 1478 offenders were booked for the violation of wrong parking.  

Further, Chandigarh Traffic Police appeals to the general public to co-operate with the police during Rose Festival-2018 and ensure:-

  1. That vehicles are efficiently parked only in the designated parking lots not consuming more space than necessary.
  2. Car pooling should be done, whenever and wherever possible.
  3. People are advised not to park their vehicles in ‘No Parking’ Zones/Roads; otherwise, such vehicles shall be towed away/clamped.
  4. In case vehicle is towed away/clamped, please contact Traffic Helpline No. 1073.





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