India-Canada Tension: Fallout from Unfollows & Canceled Tours


India-Canada Tension: Fallout from Unfollows & Canceled Tours

India-Canada Tension: Fallout from Unfollows and Canceled Tours

In today’s interconnected world, social media has the power to amplify tensions and trigger unexpected consequences. The recent unfollowing of Canadian singer Shubhneet Singh, known as “Shubh,” by Indian cricket stars Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill, and KL Rahul has led to a series of events, including the cancellation of Shubh’s India tour and the termination of contracts with big companies. This article explores the sequence of events and the broader implications of these actions.

The Unfollows: A Social Media Gesture with Real-world Consequences

Social media platforms like Instagram have become a significant part of celebrities’ lives, allowing them to connect with fans, share moments, and support causes. However, actions on these platforms can have real-world consequences, as seen in the recent case involving Shubh.

Virat Kohli, one of India’s cricketing legends, along with fellow cricketers Shubman Gill and KL Rahul, recently unfollowed Shubh on Instagram. While the reasons for this move were not explicitly stated, it triggered a chain reaction with significant repercussions.

Cancellation of Shubh’s India Tour

Shubh, a Canadian singer, was scheduled to embark on a much-anticipated tour of India. However, the fallout from the unfollowing incident resulted in the tour’s abrupt cancellation. Promoters cited the lack of support and enthusiasm from Indian celebrities and fans as a major factor in their decision. This cancellation disappointed many of Shubh’s Indian fans who were eagerly looking forward to his performances.

Termination of Contracts with Big Companies

The unfollowing of Shubh by prominent Indian cricketers also had an impact on his brand endorsements. Several big companies that had previously partnered with Shubh decided to terminate their contracts with the singer. These companies were apparently concerned about the potential damage to their brand image due to the controversy surrounding Shubh.

The Broader Implications

This incident highlights the power of social media in shaping public perception and influencing real-world decisions. A simple action like unfollowing someone on a social media platform can trigger a ripple effect with far-reaching consequences.

It also raises questions about the relationship between celebrities and their endorsements. Companies often associate their brands with celebrities because of the reach and influence these individuals have. However, as this case demonstrates, this association can be a double-edged sword. When celebrities are embroiled in controversies or public disagreements, it can negatively impact the brands they endorse.

Furthermore, this incident serves as a reminder of the need for responsible social media behavior, even for public figures. Celebrities often have millions of followers who look up to them as role models. Their actions on social media can influence the behavior and opinions of their fans, making it crucial for them to exercise discretion and sensitivity.


The unfollowing of Shubh by Indian cricket stars and the subsequent cancellation of his India tour and termination of contracts with big companies demonstrate the far-reaching impact of social media actions. It is a stark reminder that social media is not just a tool for personal expression but a platform where actions can have significant real-world consequences. As celebrities continue to navigate the digital landscape, they must be mindful of the potential repercussions of their online behavior and the influence they wield over their followers.


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