ISRO Scientists gave information about satellite systems to Mohali children



Indian Space & research organization (ISRO) Scientists came in Lawrence School sector -51 and informed children about joining ISRO. ISRO also organized an Exhibition at the moment where various kind of Indian satellites were displayed. Children from the various schools of tricity were excited to see the exhibition and they asked various questions to the scientists about joining ISRO .While speaking at the moment senior scientist Deepak Pandiya  & Bharat Bhai informed that due to such exhibitions students will able to get information about satellite system and will be inspired to be great scientist to serve the nation. They  also informed that India will become forth country to have its own navigator system .Indian First Navigator system will be ready in a year.

ISRO Scientists gave information about satellite systems to Mohali children

 While speaking at the moment Principal of the school Veena Malhotra informed that the exhibition showcased about various Remote Sensing satellites and Communication Satellite, their applications, Chandrayaan/Mars mission, models of camera of mars Mission, Nano payload, satellite images, MOM, RISAT, IRNSS; scale down models of PSLV, GSLV, various satellite models of INSAT and IRS, OCM, Aryabhatta, RISAT, a working model from showing satellites and various documentary videos on launching and mars mission. Apart from all above mechanical components, parts  used in satellites were also displayed. This exhibition was a unique opportunity to know space technology & to interact with Space Scientists.




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