Trouble Ho Gayi Double on Sony SAB



The Case of Naagmani gives Partners sleepless nights on Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double

The upcoming challenging case in Sony SAB’s Partners is another hurdle in the life of Manav and Aditya.

In the upcoming episode we will see, leading actress Shikha-the star of the Naagmani show- comes to Commissioner Gogol with terrifying news that she has come across an ichhadhari naagin in her make-up room. During the investigations conducted by Inspector Aditya and Inspector Manav, they suspect  another actress of the same show-Naina. However just as they are about to confront Naina, they find her dead.

To get further information on the matter, the Partners seek help from their reliable Khabri, who sends them to Naagesh – a snake enthusiast. There Aditya and Manav find out that Naagesh’s Black Mambo (the snake who’s poison killed Naina) was stolen two days ago and Naagesh is convinced it was stolen by Arora – the producer of the show Naagmani. On the sets of Naagmani, we see Arora regretting the fact that Naina was killed instead of Shikha. Hearing this, Aditya and Manav arrest Arora.


Meanwhile, on the sets of Naagmani, we find another victim dead in the Chelaramani – Shikha’s assistant. Troubled by this news, the Partners decide to visit Naagesh again. There they see him petrified as he was visited by the ichhadhari naagin. Is the ichhadhari naagin a truth or an illusion? Will the Partners find the real face behind all these crimes?


Speaking on the mystery, actor Vipul Roy playing Inspector Aditya said “This is an intriguing case and involves  expertise. The case touches on the para-normal and fantasy angle and it will be interesting for audiences to watch the Partners unravel this case.”


Watch drama unfold only on Sony SAB’s Partners –Monday to Friday– at 9.30PM!


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