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Dal-BJP, the Congress leaders for their frustration and desperation as statements made on SYL
What Dal arrest for canalization of the greatest sacrifice will not go back
Jlyuddh INLD workers and to the success of the first phase of state expressed gratitude
Congress and BJP leaders of Punjab before your party so please explain which are the interests of the state falters
Congress-BJP stand against the interests of the state itself and are not able to digest the mass support given to Dal
Chandigarh, Feb 24: Congress and BJP leaders SYL Dal digging criticized the statements made by the frustration and desperation of the Congress and the BJP on the issue, saying that Dal mass support from both the state party leaders are not able to digest and dig into frustration and despair comments tighten light to harm the interests of the state are working. Dal leader and former Haryana Urban Development Minister Subhash Goyal, former Speaker Satbir Singh Kadian, former minister Mohammad Ilyas, former minister Jagdish Nayar, MLA Dr Jind. Hrichand Midda, Sirsa MLA Lal Singla, former legislator Rao Bahadur Singh the joint statement said that the construction of the SYL canal in Haryana and the lifeline not just his party would maintain constant pressure on the heart, but also will not shy in giving the greatest sacrifice. Dal leaders said the Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij, Finance Minister Capt Abhimanyu, NB Singh Saini and State Minister Subhash Brala Bajpadhyksh the Congress Legislature Party leader Kiran Choudhry, former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, state Congress president Ashok Tanwar and Congress National spokesman Randeep Surjewala statement in this regard totally despair of these leaders, frustration and desperation show. He said that all parties are united in the interest of the state in the interests of the BJP and the Indian National Lok Dal itself does not do so then they are suffering heavily. Jlyuddh Dal leaders and party workers for the success of the first phase of state expressed his gratitude.
Dal leaders that the party led by opposition leader Chaudhry Abhay Chautala launched the completely state Jlyuddh step is a step in the interest of the Indian National Lok Dal MPs, MLAs and other leaders went to prison for state interests are. He said to bring water to the SYL Dal leaders even went to jail several times, even if they will not back down, and thickest are willing to sacrifice all the time. The BJP leader and minister Tarun Chugh, national secretary of the party, former state BJP president Kamal Sharma and BJP leaders are finding that dared not speak against the constantly saying that a drop of water from Punjab to Haryana and in this case they will not have sustained silent. Similarly, the Punjab Congress president and former chief minister Capt Amrendr Singh repeatedly saying that any other state, including Punjab, Haryana, not a single drop of water will be about Haryana Congress leader from the opposition but also evince not only are the silent. On the other hand sacrifice the interests of the state of Haryana Congress leader and national spokesperson of the Congress issued by the Punjab assembly elections Congress who were also involved in the release of the manifesto in which it was stated that including Punjab, Haryana other states will not have a drop of water.
Dal Dal leaders Jlyuddh initiated by the people of Haryana state has not only recognized but also farmers, laborers and traders in each category, including getting praise and people were hopeful that finally binds Dal conflict since the state has cleared the way for the water. Dal leaders of Haryana state in the interest of the people from the party in power struggle also shied away from speaking on the issue of SYL and the last three and a half months up to meet the Prime Minister are not receiving . He Bhupenndra Chief Minister Hooda ten years and they have to take any action in the matter off completely but remained silent. Now, not only by the courage shown by Dal Hrianawasion constantly trying to bully the other parties in Punjab, including Punjab Congress leaders went a befitting message but also at the national level, the issue is fully emerged as a central point in front They came to know that the whole country in terms of water with Haryana continued injustice is not only 50 years but the Congress and BJP state supreme Court decided in favor of the disadvantaged draws water to keep constantly engaged in plotting. Dal leaders said the BJP government has failed on all fronts went perfectly and received mass support from Dal to divert the attention of people in desperation resorted to rhetoric has come to light levels.
Dal leaders Kiran Chaudhary today is claiming that most excavation work SYL self. Bansi Lal’s tenure was. Congress leader advised the Assembly in December 1991 to make a Czech record SYL Bansi Lal himself had admitted that most of the construction work self. Devi Lal’s tenure was a folk hero. Bansi Lal also said that he was a political opponent of the truth can not be denied, regardless. Hooda said Haryana state also decided to tell in favor of SYL despite his ten-year term for its building steps taken and why the silence kept hold? However, the Congress government at the Centre and the Supreme Court responsible for the completion of construction at the center of the canal was incomplete and the Supreme Court ruling of any court order during this period there was no suspension. Congress MLA Randeep Surjewala also tell it to state that the Punjab Congress manifesto was issued which said that Punjab was not a drop of water to another state, including the state will not.

Dushyanta Chautala had the highest civilian award in the US state of Arizona
Arizona State Corporation Commission’s highest civilian honor, becoming the first Indian dushyanta Chautala
Dushyant Chautala did India proud in the US, said the award is a recognition of every Indian and Haryanvi
The ceremony was attended by Chautala Dushyant Singh Chautala, President of Inso
Chandigarh, February 24: dushyanta Chautala Arizona State Corporation Commission of the United States became the first Indian to receive the highest civilian honor. Dal parliamentary party leader and the youngest MP from Hisar MP Dushyant Chautala and the youngest president of the Sports Federation for the last day at an event held in the US state of Arizona, he was awarded the highest civilian honor. Arizona is the largest producer of cotton and oranges. Dal MP Dushyant Chautala Arizona Corporation Commission to award him the Conservative Chairman Tom Forces of Arizona residents, including all his associates and grateful to receive this honor, saying that they are very proud and honored him but every Indian, being all of Haryanvi and Hisar MP for the constituency of every person is respected. He hoped that in future India and more trade and technology exchanges between Arizona will be enormous benefit to both countries. On this occasion, all the senior people in the auditorium stood up in their seats dushyanta Chautala welcomed. Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Tom Forces Conservative MP welcomed the young, saying that it will inspire young people and make them feel proud to honor the young MP. On the occasion, a party was held in their honor. On this occasion, President Dushyant Singh Chautala Inso with Chautala were also present.


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