Sedentary lifestyle puts people at risk of hypertension,diabetes:Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor

2-week regular exercise raises sedentary heart fitness by 25%; study



“Heart in danger because of sedentary lifestyle can be made safe again by adding just few hours of regular exercise a week.”

This was found in a study carried out by Dr. Rajneesh Kapoor , senior cardiologist & director – Interventional Cardiologist  at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram.  

Addressing a press conference at IMA here today Dr Rajneesh said that sedentary lifestyle puts people at risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity & coronary artery disease, all of which are well known triggers for heart attack, cardiac arrest & heart failure. The lives of most of the people with excessive sedentary lifestyle hence remains at risk of many fatal attacks.”

He said further that while through latest technology we are able to safeguard the lives of heart patients to complete safe level but it is more important that these incidences must be prevented.

Dr Kapoor said “We hypothesized that since exercise has a potential to prevent onset of many diseases it should be equally good in reducing risk in people with long sedentary past.”

2-week regular exercise raises sedentary heart fitness by 25%; study

“In the study we enrolled 40 individuals living a sedentary lifestyle, aged between 40 to 55 years. They were assessed for physical fitness through a questionnaire and their oxygen uptake (VO2 Max) levels were recorded.  

The study population was divided into 2 parts, half of which were given exercise routine for 15 days while another half was asked to carry on with previous lifestyle. The exercise routine given asked subjects to do workout for 30 minutes a day for 15 days, be it in form of cycling, brisk walking, weight training or even dancing.”  

The study results found that oxygen uptake values in exercise group increased by 20 to 25 %, hence making it change from average to good. The values remained average for the other group.

The study findings highlight the effects of regular exercise on the functions on cardiovascular & respiratory system. In just 15 days, regular & daily exercise of 30-40 minutes a day caused VO2 max levels to change from average to good, which is very significant.

Our study suggests even in people with long sedentary past regular exercise can do wonders. People can expect healthy heart, prevention in the onset of hypertension or diabetes, better control on blood pressure and sugar in patients with hypertension and diabetes, lowering of bad cholesterol and overall improvement in all health markers, said Dr Rajneesh.

To get the most benefit, people need to start before age 65. They must also work out four to five times a week, varying intensity and duration.   

It’s not something that gets added onto the end of the day. You brush your teeth, you change your clothes, you eat your food .You do these things for personal hygiene. Exercise is as important as these. You need to find ways to incorporate, maintained Dr Rajneesh.


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