The world’s most powerful console, Xbox One X, launches in India



Microsoft launches the Xbox One X in India, the world’s most powerful console that brings a new era of immersive 4K gaming and 4K entertainment to local gamers. With 40 percent more power than any other console, Xbox One X is where console gamers can play the best versions of games.At a suggested retail price of INR44, 990,the Xbox One X launches with its most diverse games lineup in Xbox history.

Microsoft launches the Xbox One X in India, the world’s most powerful console that brings a new era of immersive 4K gaming and 4K entertainment to local gamers

“We are delighted to offer gamers the world’s most powerful console with access to the largest and most diverse games lineup in Xbox history, including Forza Motorsport 7,Assassin’s Creed: OriginsCup head and Super Lucky’s Tale, out of more than 1,300 titles and more than 220 exclusives available on the Xbox One X, just a few short months after the device’s global launch. We’ve listened to our community and are excited to be bringing this new console to Indian gamers”, said Priyadarshi Mohapatra– Country General Manager, Consumer & Devices Sales, Microsoft India.

The Xbox One X will be available for purchase online in India on the Microsoft India store, Amazon and Flipkart. Consumers can also buy the Xbox One X from Landmark and Croma retail stores. The device will also be available for purchase from over 100 gaming specialty stores in India.

The power of Xbox One X

Xbox One X is built for true 4K gaming, with enough power to drive native 4K resolutions, High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut into a pristine visual package beyond what’s capable in existing consoles. Existing Xbox One gamesplay even better, with improved textures, smoother frame rates and faster load times, even on a 1080p TV. Xbox One X isalso the only product in the world that packs all of the following features in one amazing device: 4K gaming for the world’s greatest games, a built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, 4K streaming capabilities, High Dynamic Range support for gaming and video,and premium audio that puts gamers in the center of spatial sound with Dolby Atmos support.The craftsmanship in the Xbox One X hardware means it’s not only the world’s most powerful console, it’s also the smallest and most feature-rich Xbox ever.


Xbox One X Enhanced

Xbox One X Enhanced games have been updated or built specifically to take full advantage of the world’s most powerful console and its 4K UHD and HDR capabilities. More than 80 new and existing games are enhanced for Xbox One X to take advantage of its full power, including Forza Motorsport 7Super Lucky’s TaleMiddle-earth: Shadow of WarAssassin’s Creed Origins,Halo Wars 2Gears of War 4Halo 5: GuardiansMinecraftFIFA 18Final Fantasy XVStar Wars Battlefront IIandPLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. More information on the Xbox One X Enhanced program can be found by visiting


Xbox One family of devices

Xbox One X is the newest member of the Xbox One family of devices,and will be available for gamers worldwidealongside theXbox One S. The Xbox One family of devices deliversthe best games of the past, present and future, with more than1,300 Xbox One games and more than 220 exclusives playable across the entireXbox One family of devices including both current generation titles and backwards compatibility on selected titles from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox eras. Furthermore, all Xbox One accessories are also compatible across the family.

Whether playing on Xbox One X or Xbox One S, gamers are treated to gaming features exclusive to the Xbox platform:

  • Xbox Live, the fastest, most reliablegaming network1.
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray and streaming
  • Xbox Game Pass, a monthly membership that provides unlimited access to more than 100 games.


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