Tips To Beat The Summer Unwillingness To Work


By- Gaurika Sharma

Tips To Beat The Summer Unwillingness To Work

Are you distracted from work, thinking about the rest, and not about business? Do you see in your imagination beaches and boats, not documents? If yes, then you really have summer working efficiency slowdown.

So what can be done to regain the productivity and motivation?

1) Remind yourself of the truth of the proverb
The early bird catches the worm. Indeed, most of the agents were able to get their best customers in the summer when everyone else was on holidays. So pull yourself together and get ready to work.

2) Change your schedule
If this is possible in your company, then change your working hours in order to have more time for sunbathing that you need so much. You can work in the mornings and evenings and afternoons dedicate to the rest.
Or you can take a day off in the middle of the week, instead of the standard Saturday and Sunday.

3) Choose a job that fits your summer slowdown
For example, many companies do not specifically take up challenging projects in the summer and leave them for the fall in order to give their workers rest and respite.

4) Make up the to-do-list and stick to it
If you haven’t prepared such a list for a year, try to make it up for every day. This list will help you to be focused on the job that should be done today; it will help you to organize your working time.

5) Have your own place for work
This place should be the one where you can work and not to be distracted by unnecessary things.
Private place inside the building is the key to success.

6) Inspire yourself
Each person should inspire yourself to do the work, you should set a goal and then reward yourself for the results.
You can also use this time of summer slowdown for self-development, or for the development of additional skills that will be useful for you at work.

7) Take a real vacation
Sometimes we really need a vacation. So if you feel tired and none of these tips help you, it’s a high time to take a real vacation. Energize yourself for the whole year. But be careful because it’s so hard to return to work from summer holidays. Make sure that you will be ready to work with new forces.


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