Young Dal activists called for Parliament to participate more and more in enclosures

Abhay Chautala, Congress took a dig at BJP



Indian National Lok Dal

Dal leader and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, Chaudhry Abhay Singh Chautala’s Indian National Lok Dal young state party executive meeting to address a large number of young workers in the blockade of parliament in New Delhi on March 15 and Jantar -mntr on more and more to participate in the demonstration called for. In Chandigarh on Thursday at a meeting of the state executive of the party youth official, young district president and attended by the Presidents of light. Opposition leader of the youth wing of the party on the issue of SYL Dal participate more and more in the struggle waged and with more young peers urging the SYL Haryana to Delhi and the lifeline of Haryana SYL is not water will continue our struggle until the Dal.
Opposition politics in the name of the Congress and the BJP on the SYL and dual-speaking alleging that the two parties have nothing to do with the interests of the state. Opposition officials assured young Dal party from the state, not just the large number of young workers in Delhi on March 15 Phuunchenge Dal leadership but to call on the SYL are not afraid to give the greatest sacrifice. In addition to meeting young Dal district president Amrendr state in-charge Pradeep Singh Gill cosh (Ambala), Swaran Singh Sonu (Panchkula), Vikram Hdtan (Yamunanagar), Balraj scrape (Kaithal), Sunil Rana (Kurukshetra), Amandeep Singh Chawla (Karnal), Rakesh Sihag (Fatehabad), Dharamvir Nain (Sirsa), Amit sugar (Hisar), Surendra Dhola (Panipat), Biswvir black (Jind), Arvind Bhardwaj (Faridabad), Rakesh Daulatabad (Gurgaon), Ravindra Gagdwas (Mahendergarh), Kunal Ghlawat (Sonepat), Ravindra Sangwan (Rohtak) and Rai (Palwal) including all major youth Dal party officials were present.

Indian National Lok Dal

Dushyant Chautala said fines imposed on those in the private sector, not maternity leave
Maternity leave should be 30 weeks instead of 26: dushyanta Chautala
Just two years ago, with girls in Rohtak molestation case raised in Parliament
New Delhi, 9 March Dal parliamentary party leader and MP from Hisar Dushyant Chautala government sectors as well as private sectors to implement the provision of maternity leave taken Mudda. Chautala dushyanta 2017 Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha maternity for women in the private sector to participate in the discussion of maternity leave of not less than one lakh of those fines, customs and armed forces deployed in sensitive areas of women after maternity leave and non-governmental women for deployment in the period of maternity leave from 26 weeks to 30 weeks of increased demand. The young MPs supported the bill, saying that the amendment maternity women maternity leave in the private sector employer in case of non-provision of only five thousand rupees each which is not too hard for private employers. The bill amending the amount of the fine has been increased from five thousand to one lakh rupees sought to ensure women’s maternity leave in the private sector. He demanded that the armed forces stationed in remote areas or in sensitive women after maternity leave should not be appointed. Also dushyanta Chautala amendment bill for all the women in the provision of maternity leave of 30 weeks instead of 26 demands.
Also Dal MP from Rohtak in Parliament today by the two girls, just beating the three youths in the Lok Sabha after the court’s ruling was coined again. Referring to the court to discharge the accused Dal parliamentary party leader and MP from Hisar Lok Sabha raised the issue Dushyant Chautala. He was acquitted in the case of two young men seeking jobs in the army, who laid in the Parliament passed two phases of military recruitment. MP Dushyant Chautala demanded that the defense minister, the two of them should be considered for a job in the Army discharged youths.
Rohtak Lok Dal MP said that in December 2014 by three students, two students came up with the molestation case. These girls had been beaten by a youth bus. After building up the matter in Parliament and the media for the two accused had denied the military. MP Dushyant Chautala said the court’s decision in the matter has come to the court acquitted the accused. The decision came after two years at the prescribed age limit for military service now have. The young MP in the Lok Sabha by the defense minister, the young men into the armed forces sought. The issue was first raised in Parliament and Unhonnne said the government had taken note of the defense minister, is now picking up again the case shall take cognizance of it.


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