How to Verify Packers&Movers in Chandigarh


How to Verify Packers&Movers in Chandigarh

How to Verify Packers&Movers in Chandigarh

Chandigarh city is also a Union Territory which serves as the capital of 2 Indian states— Punjab and Haryana. The city is known for its urban architecture designs. This city is one of the highest per capita incomes in the country. The city is the cleanest in India based on a national government study. The union territory also heads the list of Indian states and territories according to the Human Development Index.

However, relocating within or out of this city is a tiring and time-consuming task, which can’t be done without the help of packers and movers. The packing-moving-transporting process is a never-ending and hectic task to perform, and you will be facing lot of risk factors like shortage of manpower, lack of handling equipment, and chances of damaging your goods & property or getting injured, etc. Don’t let these things ruin your joy of relocation, hire reliable packers and movers to reduce your relocation stress.

Professional movers and packers Chandigarh offer end-to-end relocation services and ensure their clients get the best shifting experience. They also offer insurance coverage for your goods, so you can claim compensation for your damaged/lost goods.

You can find several packing-moving companies on search engines like Google, Safari, Firefox, etc., but are you sure that they are genuine? There are numerous bogus movers in the market that try to attract innocent customers by offering low-priced quotes and involve them in moving scams like not providing promised service, adding hidden charges, mishandling, damaging, or even stealing your goods.

To hire trustworthy movers and packers, you must personally verify their background. Firstly, shortlist a few packers near you and go ahead with the following steps to verify them.

Step #1 Check Movers Website and Office: You should check if the moving companies have a genuine website and online profiles. Check their contact details, call the phone number and visit the office at the location provided so that you can make sure they have a professional setup.

Step #2 Verify Registration Documents: Packing companies should have legal registration documents and be certified by the Govt. of India to offer packing and moving services. Relocation companies that have legal paperwork can be trusted to shift your goods safely.

Step #3 Reviews and Ratings: It would be best if you read the reviews and ratings written by previous customers so that you can get to know about the moving company and make the right choice. Websites like Mouthshut, Mymovingreviews, Google my Business, AssureShift, Facebook, etc., will show honest reviews about moving companies.

Step #4 Shortlist Movers Near You: Strikeout the companies you are not satisfied with during the verification process. Then Shortlist and come up with a list of at least 3-5 relocation service companies and contact them to share your shifting requirements and get estimated cost quotations. Make sure that there are no hidden charges before you finalize packers and movers.

Step #5 Never Choose Low-Cost Quotes: Never go for the packers who offer low-cost estimation as they might be unprofessional, who will not provide promised services, and add hidden charges, etc. Choose a company that offers moderately estimated quotations. You can smartly negotiate with them to get the best deals at discounted prices.

Step #6 Compare and Hire: Examine all factors like company profile, years of experience, services offered, charges, reviews, rating, etc., and hire the most suitable movers and packers.

Step #7 Pay Attention Before Signing any Documents: Read the terms and conditions paperwork carefully and clarify all your doubts before you sign any document with the moving company. Collect the original copy of your insurance policy document (if any).

The verification process is time-consuming, even though after verifying, you might accidentally hire the wrong one. Instead, hire via a trusted moving company referral site like AssureShift. We at AssureShift carry out an extensive background verification process of the packers and movers before making their profile available to our customers. Share your shifting requirements and get recommendations of the top 3 packers near you who will contact you immediately with price estimations. Quickly compare their profiles on our portal to know about the services provided and also read the reviews written by previous customers, etc., and hire the best movers and packers.

How to Verify Packers&Movers in Chandigarh

We regularly collect feedback from our customers to understand and ensure the quality of service provided is up to the mark. We also take appropriate actions on the complaints we receive; our customer support team will help you throughout the move.

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