Shoolini University : Mentors to provide a truly enriching learning experience

Shoolini University announces Harvard model research program for UG courses



Shoolini University has become the first university in the country to offer research program at undergraduate level in professional courses. 

Addressing the media, Prof. P.K. Khosla, Vice Chancellor, Shoolini University, said, “It will be possible under a unique undergraduate (B.Tech.) program in biotechnology where selected students have the opportunity to pursue the Summit Research Program. This program, is based on the Harvard and Stanford model provides first-hand exposure to high quality research in state-of-the-art global research environments, experience with writing and publishing papers, and personal interaction with acclaimed research practitioners/experts from around the world. The Summit Research Program is fully integrated with the regular engineering curriculum.

He said, “The University is committed to seek the best candidates without limitations of their financial backgrounds. University provides support, even up to full scholarship, based on each individual’s specific financial need. If you are passionate about research and life-sciences, the University will ensure that your finances do not come in the way of your joining our program.”

Shoolini University will be the first university in North India to start job oriented program in Yoga.

Yoga been introduced keeping in view the importance being given to Yoga in India and abroad. The program will be mentored by Prof P.K.Khosla who is a practicing Transcendental Yoga practitioner for over two decades. The program has been started keeping in mind the fact that every school, college, university, hotel, resort and hospital etc will employ yoga teachers both in India and abroad. The program holds great job opportunities.

The University also announced unique and skill driven program in eight new fields, which includes the Summit Research Program and Yoga, which would be mentored by leading professionals with top industry leaders forming the Visiting Faculty. Students would be given practical on hands training to prepare them for job opportunities with top companies.

Prof. Khosla said, “The framework of these truly distinctive job oriented courses has been designed to compete with the top schools of the country. These courses will have best in class full time and visiting faculty, and mentors to provide a truly enriching learning experience.”





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