Priyanka Singh N Sonia Sharma plays the role of Krishnadevraya’s wives in Tenali Rama



Actress Priyanka Singh and Sonia Sharma plays the role of Krishnadevraya’s wives in Tenali Rama

 Beautiful actress Priyanka Singh and Sonia Sharma have joined the already popular starcast of Sony SAB’s recently launched folklore Tenali Rama.

Actress Sonia Sharma will play the role of Chinnadevi. She will be seen as the first wife of King Krishnadevraya (Manav Gohil),who got married to her during his teenage days. She is the smart wife who very expertly handles the king’s mood and very well knows what the king wants to hear without offending him. She is the one who stops King Krishnadevraya, from taking hasty decisions specially when it comes to Tenali Rama. Her devotion and rituals sometimes might results into dramatic delays in doing the right thing which will complicates things for Tenali Rama.

On the other hand, Actress Priyanka Singh will play the role of Thirumalamba who is beauty without brains. She is Krishnadevraya second wife where King caters to her mood . Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) uses the imprudence of Thirumalamba to manipulate Krishnadevraya’s mind. Unknowingly she becomes part of Tattacharya’s plan to destroy Tenali.

Commenting on her role Sonia Sharma who plays Chinnadevi says, “I feel extremely lucky to play the character of Chinnadevi. This is a very different kind of experience to play a queen in the folk show like Tenali Rama. I am sure, I will keep up to the audience expectations and they will love my character too.”

Adding to this Priyanka Singh who plays Thirumalamba says, “I cannot express my happiness in words. Depicting the character of Thirumalamba and being a part of a grand folk show like Tenali Rama is like a dream come true. I am sure the audience will love me in my new role.”



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