Dushehra celebrations to start with a Big Bang with the Son of Bihar, Daler Mehndi.



21st September 2017 will witness the Son of Bihar, the voice of entertainment, Bahubali singer Daler Mehndi take the stage and kick start the week long Dussehra celebrations at the Gandhi Maidan.

How does it feel to perform in Patna?

I was born here. I am deeply indebted to this city and feel honored to perform here. I bow my head in reverence and gratitude to this land of knowledge, culture, music, tehzeeb and self respecting people (khuddar). Above all it is the land of my father guru Shahe Shehanshah Maharaj Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. This land gave me sikhi and sangeet, gave me spiritual direction through my guru and defined my destiny. It gave me the opportunity to meet, listen, watch closely the legendary iconic stalwarts of indian classical music both singers and musicians, the greatest poets, keertaniyas, ghazal, thumri singers, katha vachaks. The Guru ghar and the city exposed me to  and imparted me this vast knowledge through such Maha Utsav’s, musical programs, samagams. During my childhood I was consciously and subconsciously learning through this highly charged cultural environment. As I grew up and travelled across India, these earlier seeds of music, spirituality, adab, satkaar, true music, sur, taal only got further nourished. The knowledge and exposure of listening to these talent houses of music like Parveen Sultana Ji, Runa Lailaji, Latif Ahmed Khan Sahab, Asa Singh Mastana, Pandit Gudai Maharaj (Shanta Prasad ji), Bhai Dharam Singh, Shamsher Singh Zakhmi, Bhai Gurmukh Singh Samukh Singh, Bhai Bakhsheesh Singh, Bhai Dilbagh Singh Gulbagh Singh, Bhai Joginder Singh (Patna Sahba wale) to katha vachak Bhai Maan Singh Jhaur shaped my personality.

I hope, just the way I learnt during my childhood through these programs, our performances could also inspire, motivate and help any aspiring talent in the audience.”

What can the audience expect to hear from you?

True entertainment, pure music, good words, an evening where there will be You, me and my God.”

Who all are there in your entourage?

“My team of musicians including my younger brother Joginder Singh and Satwant, will be on chorus. On keyboards will be Gagan, on drums will be Tarun, Pritpal singh on Dhol, Emcee Joe Bath, sound engineer Aakash Jaitly, my manager Maninder singh. My wife Taran and my daughter Rabaab will accompany me to Patna.”

Will you be visiting the Gurdwara sahab?

Absolutely, the biggest attraction is to visit Takht Sri Patna Sahib.”

Any special message to people in Patna.

“I first want to thank the department of art and culture, Patna Commissioner Office and the  organizers of this event and the people of Patna for loving my music and giving me this honor to perform in this program.

 People born or living in Patna Bihar are already blessed by the virtue of being in the city of Maharaj Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. My appeal to the people of this land is to take care, sustain, and nourish the culture of this great historical city. Stay away from any kind of adulteration/nasha. Plant trees, love and respect mother nature and stay self – respecting.”

Rab Rakha”

Daler Mehndi


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