PMA celebrates 5th Foundation Day



Panchkula Management Association (PMA) celebrated its fifth raising here today. On the occasion went under the theme “Corporate Leadership ‘. In the meantime there was a souvenir also went released which highlights the various activities of the association.

PMA has celebrated its fifth founding anniversary

Congratulating for PMA members to their achievements, all this occasion said as the chief guest present Ar M Knna, chairman of Stanley Engineering on”Leadership is similar to weather any point in time, but something about it is not. People accept the leadership of cosmic luck, be it good or bad. If we suffer from lack of adequate leadership presumes bad luck, which can not be avoided. ”

PMA has celebrated its fifth founding anniversary

“The research Btatet that fail due to the 50 per cent poor leadership. If lead is impressive profits could rise by 20 to 30 percent. We have many animals that look good organization are immersed dissolved in planned environmental pollution by the manager of the so-called “style” or on the verge of drowning “.


Presenting Foundation Day theme, the Foundation Day Committee Chairman, Dr. Pi Ke Vasudewa said, “corporate leaders are taking steps after proper assessment of the tasks given to them and never stagger in crisis. Is an inner sense of fulfillment in them and they do not go after those little pleasures which holds happy for them a few moments. They do not visionary who understood the coming time and the right way to events. ”

The PMA and thanks to its members on the occasion as guest of honor CMD invited and keynote IDS Infotech Ltd., Pratap Agarwal said that the establishment by joining the Day increased respect. He said that PMA is a great professional association committed to refine the emerging leadership of the Tri-City.

PMA has celebrated its fifth founding anniversary

Speaking on the occasion, he said, “you should always Plan B. Plan B can be the means to turn it into a good strategy to make strategy and when your Plan B to become your Plan A, then you must ensure that another plan to have a Plan B in place. Managers can become good leaders and individuals, not just hear it say what management guru, or the management of rush shut a new trend or eyes behind fashion, but he is keeping to the courage and spirit that no one to date be “.

Welcoming the delegates PMA president SS Sidhu Union prior Adhyhkshon- Dr. said. G Munjal and expressed his gratitude to Lily Bajwa- who GST, digital mission, carbon footprints and seminars annually Bjts, organizing workshops and panel discussions the organization brought to the high level.


PMA Secretary Pankaj Channa presented a short presentation on the occasion PMA last four years of activities on. The CMD president and founder Ind swift PMA Dr. G. Munjal expressed gratitude to the dignitaries present giving thanks.


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