MAAC Chandigarh presented “Tech Mahautsav”–A premiere event for new technology guidance&career pathways in media&entertainment


MAAC Chandigarh presented "Tech Mahautsav"–A premiere event for new technology guidance&career pathways in media&entertainment

MAAC a premiere institute and a pioneer in high-end 3D animation Gaming & VFX training is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the ‘MAAC Tech Mahautsav’, held at Punjab Municipal Bhawan, Sector-35 A, Chandigarh. This vibrant event was exclusively designed to offer students with insights into the latest technologies and emerging career opportunities, also exposing them to the burgeoning, AVGC (animation, vfx, gaming & comics) industry, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

The event brought together dignitaries from the industry and esteemed guest speaker, Mr. Abir Aich, Executive Vice President, New Technologies at Aptech. Mr. Aich  shared his extensive knowledge on virtual production, new technologies and avenues to explore career opportunities in the new areas of media and entertainment sector, invaluable for students looking to navigate the dynamic landscape of this industry.

While giving a presentation to students about the upcoming trends in the computer graphics, visual effects, and animation industry, Mr. Abir Aich, Executive Vice President of Aptech Limited, said, “There is a huge potential for virtual production in Punjab and Northern India, considering the availability of talent and the rich music industry here.”

Since COVID, the demand for virtual production has significantly increased. It is now being used more and more in the media and entertainment industry. In the coming years, this is expected to become a trillion-dollar market in India,”he further said.

Alongside were other distinguished guests from MAAC head office including Mr. Amit Dua – National Head (MAAC-Aptech), Mrs. Mala (Industry Connects Alliances & Placement, Aptech), Ms. Poulomee Bandre – General Manager Marketing (MAAC) and Mr. Saumitra Singh, Regional Sales Head (MAAC, North) sharing their expertise and insights, further enriching the learning experience for the students. Their presence underscored the commitment of MAAC to provide top-notch professional growth opportunities for its students.

In addition to the keynote sessions, the event featured an alumni talk session where MAAC’s best alumni shared their industry experiences and success stories. These alumni, from MAAC Chandigarh, were thrilled to return to their alma mater and share their journey from student to industry professional, offering insights into industry-specific skill sets.

Mr. Varun Roy   Director, MAAC Chandigarh said, “Tech Mahautsav was a resounding success, providing aspirants with a comprehensive understanding of the growing AVGC industry. It is MAAC Chandigarh’s dedication and commitment to fostering skill development and professional growth among its students. By bringing together industry veterans, current students, and successful alumni, the event aimed to create a vibrant learning environment that encourages innovation and excellence.”

He added, “ MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Creativity) Chandigarh is a premier institute providing comprehensive training in animation, VFX, gaming, and multimedia. With a focus on both technical skills and creative excellence, MAAC Chandigarh equips students with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the media and entertainment industry. We urge the young aspirants/ prospects in Chandigarh to walk-in to our centre to explore their talent and unleash their creative  potential.”

Through its top-notch curriculum and comprehensive skill set including technical prowess, industry acumen, creativity, teamwork, adeptness with deadlines, resilience, and personality development, MAAC consistently hones students’ abilities across various facets of the Media & Entertainment Industry, including 3D Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Multimedia & Broadcast.


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