Max Hospital introduces tricity’s highest powered Holmium Laser Machine

A First for Tricity: Max Hospital unveils Holmium 100 Watts laser, unique cutting edge laser technology, has uses across major medical specialties


Max Hospital Mohali unveiled Holmium 100 watts laser Machine for first time in tricity. Although the Laser has been in use in some medical Institutions of tricity, but the highest power available was 80 Watts, with introduction of this laser, a paradigm shift is slated to take place in the health sector, as the power delivery of this laser is 100 Watts. The State-of-the-Art Laser which has been brought to the region at the initiative of Dr R S Rai, Director, Urology & Andrology (Men’s Health), Max Hospital was  unveiled by Prof S K Sharma, Former Director, PGIMER & Mr. Sandeep Dogra, Sr VP, Max Hospital, Mohali at the Hospital.

MAX HOSPITAL MOHALI,Prostrate removal with Holmium Laser

Talking to media persons here today, Dr Rai said that The machine is set to revolutionise treatment of different conditions in Urology. A major advantage of the machine is that due to its higher power it ablates (vaporises) the tissue with ease, in patients suffering from enlarged prostate or urinary bladder tumours. The low penetration of the Holmium laser makes it the ideal instrument for the treatment of bladder tumours. A special aiming beam setting allows the usage together with photo-dynamic-diagnosis under blue light illumination.”

 “We have introduced a truly versatile machine which besides the discipline of Urology addresses many complex procedures in areas like Neurosurgery, ENT & Gastro – Intestinal surgery as well. At Max Hospital our endeavour is to be at the forefront of technology for the sole motive of achieving patient benefits.” said Mr. Sandeep Dogra, Sr VP, Max Hospital, Mohali.

  “Prostrate removal with Holmium Laser has some major benefits Vis a Vis the traditional system without use of laser. Prostrate removal with this can be done for even patients normally considered unfit for it due to conditions like major cardiac illness, renal diseases, advanced diabetes, bleeding disorders, anticoagulant (blood thinning drugs) dependency etc. The main reason behind this is that it helps in achieving almost 0 blood loss. The Urinary flow with Laser Prostate Surgery is better & chances of recurrence are minimal.” Added Dr R S Rai.


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