–      Transaction of crores of rupees done for the disposal of cases without taking any action through Aman Sakoda  who is running a big nexus of the Corruption.

–      Tarandeep  and his family by misleading to Justice Mehtab Singh Gill, Inquiry Commission for vendetta cases, got issued notices of the 39 Police Officers.


The businessman of Ferozepur V.P. Singh disclosed the matter of connivance and corruption committed by the police officers and politicians in the case of dowry harassment of her daughter Amandeep Kaur. They are suffering from the connivance and corruption being committed by the police, politicians and Judicial system for the last three and half years and compelled to move from pillar to post to seek justice.


They have demanded to get inquiry on the higher level in this case from the C.B.I. or sitting justice of Supreme Court.


Tarandeep Singh, husband of Amandeep Kaur misled Hon’ble M.S.Gill Commission by concealing the real facts following which the  commission issued notices to 39 senior police officers who attended the wedding. No body will marry a daughter to get a case register for political vendetta.


Even though the matter is neither influenced from politics nor false, Tarandeep and his family bribed crores of rupees through Aman Sakoda to the police officers while police Officers, judicial system and politicians committed corruption at large scale in this case.


V.P. Singh aggrieved that on the pleas of accused, police officers in SIT were changed five times which was otherwise formed on the direction of the High Court.


V.P. Singh expressed that the marriage of their daughter Amandeep Kaur solemnized on 25th of November 2013 with Tarandeep Singh. Prior to the marriage the family of Tarandeep Singh set a big demand of dowry before them including Audi Car, Diamond Sets for Mother and duo sisters and later Fortuner SUV for the father besides other demands specifically again diamond sets for Mother and both sisters which were facilitated by VP Singh as compelled by the circumstances.


Even though they did marriage with great pump and show by incurring Rs. 3.25 crores.  Besides above, on the next date of marriage, Tarandeep and his family demanded F.D.R. of Rs. 1.50 crore, plot measuring 2 Kanals (at Naya Gaon, Chandigarh) but girl and her family refused to do so.


On not fulfilling their demands, Tarandeep and his family, started to torture Amandeep and even attempted to kill her.


Later on Amandeep, filed a police compliant, and after a police probe, Tarandeep and his family members were booked.


Tempering in the record of High court concerning with the list of dowry:


V.P. Singh told that the accused in the High Court through senior Advocate by bench hunting got the stay on their arrest by filing the Civil Writ Petition in a criminal case. In the said Writ Petition, accused also submitted the photographs of all the police officers came in the wedding but petition was dismissed and as per the directions of the Hon’ble Court, the mother and sisters of Tarandeep, went to the Police Station, Ferozepur to return the dowry articles and submitted an application to then SSP, Ferozepur, S. Rahul that as per the list which had  been submitted by Amandeep in the high court regarding the dowry, they are ready to return all the  dowry articles.  When the list was got inquired it was found to be tempered and later on after a probe, a case under section 420, 467, 468, 471 and 120-B of IPC was registered.


Tarandeep and his family gave ‘Supari’ to kill VP Singh:


Tarandeep and his family gave ‘Supari’ to kill VP Singh but the matter was unearthed in time by police. Police nabbed contract Killers Sachin Golu and his accomplices besides recovering two pistols.


V.P. Singh told that in giving the contract of their killing, not only Tarandeep Singh was involved but even their close aide Robin and Sarabjit Singh Gagan besides connivance of his family was found to be involved with enough evidence against all of them so  a case was registered.


Through Aman Sakoda corruption was given to the police.


As per V.P.Singh a bribe of crores of rupees exchanged hands to help out Tarandeep and his family among senior  police officers  besides judicial system through infamous police tout Aman Sakoda.


After dismissal of bail application of parents of Tarandeep from hon’ble Supreme court, they were declared PO.


The accused again manipulated bench hunting and managed only stay on PO proceedings but also on interim bail in the main case which was not in their prayer.


V.P. Singh has demanded a probe by CBI or sitting SC Judge into entire matter.


The accused has filed about 20-25 bail application and writ petitions in various courts by producing the photographs and call details of the police officers. But on the basis of this no relief was granted to them. Judges also stated that they too attended various marriages, it is not a crime.


Akali govt rulers issued the instructions to help the accused:


V.P. Singh informed that the rulers in the then Akali govt and Ex M.L.A. on 22nd January 2016 called  all members of SIT alongwith ADGP. crime at Barnala to all the in the presence of  Tarandeep Singh, his brother in law (Jija)  Dr. Ramit Singh and gave instructions to cancel all the cases but it could not be done following presence of enough and sufficient evidence against accused into all the cases butPolice have yet to recover dowry articles of Rs.2.40 crore from accused.


V.P. Singh informed that they are not fighting only their daughter Amandeep Kaur but for every daughter of this nation who is being harassed at the hands of the police and present law and order system.


In the near future they will make a such type of organization, who will help to get justice free of cost to every daughter suffering from the harassment in the  dowry cases and wandering from pillar to post for justice.

Varinder Pal Singh,

Pioneer Enclave, Moga Road,

Ferozepur Cantt, Mobine No. 9876100002



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